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  1. 12 minutes ago, markw said:

    @Bellicose @tortron i take it the best route to removing this bog layer is by sanding it down? If you have any tips, let me know.

    Nylon strip discs - don’t put them on an angle grinder as it will spin them too fast and put too much heat into the panel, put it on a variable speed polisher so you can turn the rotating speed right down - it still removes the paint/bog but minimises heat (which warps panels). One disc will also last ages also.

    these things are what you’re after:



  2. 17 minutes ago, Tender Raisin said:




    The pipe work on that is ruining the rest of the engine bay, you’ve got a nice curve coming off the cold side of the intercooler yet on the turbo to intercooler bit and section running up to the throttle body is ugly duckling pie cuts :pukeright:

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  3. The crossover pipe at the back of the heads in the below photo, can you unplug that heater hose and confirm there’s water in there/put some water in there? It looks like an obvious place for and airlock - I mean, how does the air get out of there? Also Google says thats a common place for an airlock  and apparently it’s worse if you jack the front of the car up when filling the cooling system 


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  4. 27 minutes ago, Dolan said:


     T90X are the steeze tho. 6m radius blind spot from the front of the bonnet. Driving by feel


    My previous place of employment has a T904, the guy driving it at the time was sitting at a set of traffic lights one day (front of the queue, Beach road, turning right onto Stanley st in Auckland for those interested) and  had a dude on a motorbike go up the passenger side of the truck and sit in front of the left hand side of the front bumper, obviously the driver never saw him do this. Anyway the light went green,  truck driver goes forward but motor biker flinched for some reason, que motor bike getting wedged between the front left tire on the truck and the bumper, he was pushed halfway through the intersection before the driver saw some dudes arms flailing around trying to get his attention.


    As a dispatcher it’s quite scary to have a driver call up saying they’ve hit a motorcyclist...the dude was fine, the bike not so much.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, MRT1TRD said:

    Looks like one of the celicas I used to own.  What was the rego? 

    I forget, It’s in Te Awamutu, used to see it around the place nearly every day but it hasn’t moved in about 5 years. Has an oldschool.co.nz sticker on the rear windscreen 

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  6. 4 hours ago, dabuzz said:

    I was told by the owners mate that a panel beater in Auckland repaired the original roof instead, either way, what ever the truth, I wouldn't go near that car if I had the money

    Would you know if Choppers Auto body fixed it? They did the original panel+paint on it.