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  1. 1 hour ago, kiwi808 said:

    I wonder how many years will pass before we all think that 50 was a steal?

    At the start of the thread a good 3 coupe was sub 30...

    Give it until xmas, a good 3 coupe will probably be sub 30 again...

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  2. When I looked into it ~5 years ago I only found 3 types of 15in tyres that were manufacturer rated for a 10in wide rim, there's the Pirellis(?) that go on the back of a Countach/ 930 Turbo. some other high sidewall tyre and the only low profile tyre I could find was the Avon Semi slicks that go on the back of the fancy pants Caterham - these were $500/piece from memory.

    just a side note if you care.


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  3. Autoblast from memory are $275+ GST/ hr. I got a text from them last month saying they were doing 15% off their rustproofing system for the month of March, if you go that way might be worth asking if they’ll still honour that.

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  4. Just now, yoeddynz said:

    Just a note- they are a stones throw away from the estuary.

    Does not bode well..

    I might have to go back and do some digging about that truck. Its still in the system although I presume the rego is lapsed.

    Reg on hold until 13/08/2020 according to nzta site

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  5. 4 hours ago, kiwi808 said:

    There have been a few on the Turd recently for similar money and are no longer listed. So possibly?

    If a nice factory RX-3 coupe is valued at $125-150k then this is a bargain haha.

    Can’t beat an RX8 on price at the moment...

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