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  1. Finally found Time to get another day working on the car , got the rear fitted and tacked in almost half way there
  2. 1 corner in 3 to go .. fark, a lot of work
  3. Home made forming die working a treat , could have gone for larger radius but it will work
  4. Made a start to the floor
  5. Inner sill almost done will be replacing the top part of the inner door sill amd inner a and b piller after I get the floor in so I can cut out some old repairs .
  6. yep still in newlands pm me ill flick you my deets, ill be trying to get stuck to the inner sill in this weekend.
  7. apparently they often have no bolt in there... found from the slant 6 forum... SlantSixDan Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 8:08 am Offline Board Sponsor & Contributor Joined: Thu Oct 31, 2002 5:39 pmPosts: 23712Location: North AmericaCar Model: The bolt isn't "missing". It was never there in the first place. You can install a bolt if you want one in that location, but it is not required. The vibration damper/crank pulley is an interference fit on the crank snout. _________________ 一期一会 Too many people who were born on third base actually believe they've hit a triple.
  8. im gona get new timing chain and prob replace the harmonic balancer anyway but will degree it before putting her back in ... engine is going to get a bit of a sweetee up and full tranz rebuild...
  9. If you have a spare 1 that would be cool
  10. Turns out no bolt in damper … you know that front main one … then I just drove it with out one for last 4 years haha
  11. Na we are staying / house market was tough and my boss offered me good a deal to stick around …
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