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  1. treggo

    2.3l Pinto

    shit and i thought the capris were pos
  2. treggo

    2.3l Pinto

    fuck that thing looks like a POS EDIT** are these the ones that exploded and shit when in nose to tails?
  3. treggo

    2.3l Pinto

    hey, LOL this American 'pinto' is out of a low level mustang. I was hoping it was just a higher displacement version of the European 'pinto' OHC motor.
  4. treggo

    2.3l Pinto

    okay thanks I don't think i will bother will mean cert and shit too
  5. treggo

    2.3l Pinto

    Hey. Is the 2.3 litre pinto the same dimensions as a 2l pinto? would it work with my standard engine mounts for my 2l pinto? also will it fit my zhaust manifold. I'm asking this because i have been offered one at a reasonable rate. Any help will be much appreciated. Matt.
  6. do all supers have a tapered seat?
  7. im using the acorn style nuts on my capri and they work fine just have to be a but careful when u go the final tight turns not to scratch the mag.
  8. sweet as. where did you get your nuts? ummm yea
  9. oh shit im picking up some new superlites for my capri next week. shit i hope i dont have to swap the studs over for them.
  10. yea mines about the same place as yours blakamin but has a funny wee bracket and hangs of the bottom of the bumper.
  11. sweet guys thanks for clearing that up Is there a rule about it having to be near to the centre or can it be off to one side?
  12. Hi, Ive been looking at the front of my car and the numberplate just looks like crap where it is standard. is it legal to keep the plate in front of the passenger on the left of the windscreen? Also are lowering blocks legal?
  13. looking mean man. I like what ya did to the petrol cap. also any plans for you to repaint at some stage?
  14. Dude huge props a few large pics of the tina in nzpc's latest issue!
  15. shit man that looks sick as. yea his is powerful but when done yours will shit all over it! maybe not in looks tho
  16. Bloody nice mate! love the ground clearance looks uber hawt. bonnet extension FTW tho.
  17. hey would having the cable longer make it draw more current? :edit: sorry to dig up old thread.
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