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  1. I think excess nang. It happened after 5mins at max velocity... so probably a heat issue. No harm in adding some chamfer to the ports for next time though.
  2. Did anyone end up with a small Powerbuilt torch? Mine has gone missing. I last had it at the Batch on Saturday night.
  3. Got the FA back from @Raizer and have set about finishing the last few jobs. It's now got a Technigas Next R pipe from a Suzuki Lets and a Keihin carb on a 90° adaptor to sit the carb away from the rear wheel. I made up a bracket to hold the spanny in place and threw on a filter from a box of parts. I've been testing it today and the thing is hilarious to ride. The 2 speed FS50 trans has always been geared up massively (because I fitted a 14" FA50 wheel), so it takes quite a bit of speed before it gets on the pipe... At the moment it starts to make power above 60kph, and is pretty slow below that . I'll fit heavier springs to both clutches and hopefully solve those issues. At the moment it shifts into 2nd gear at about 35kph... I need that to be closer to 60kph so it'll get on pipe in both gears. Regardless, it's pulling pretty well up top:
  4. How's that new exhaust @64valiant? I've changed your thread title btw.
  5. I guess that tube is mine? It's got my name one it. I originally had two, but gave one to Duncan. So maybe he left one of the new tubes he bought for me? And @Archetype never got to taste that Mother . I wonder if it's any good. We should have a Speedcocks / Shadows showdown in Summer and try to consume a few of those beers.
  6. So the East Cape Escapade has been and gone and the little FS1 did quite well. I was able to keep pace with much bigger bikes in most areas (100-110cc). It was hella fun to ride and a great little bike to learn how to do gravel skids / not fall off. Started off by riding to @Archetype’s place on Thursday morning. Friday morning in Opotiki: Up on the Motu road: towards Rere falls: I only earned one ride in @MaxPower‘s rescue trailer due to a dodgy spark plug cap... this case right for the afternoon once everything dried out, but became a problem again in the morning... Thanks to @datlow for hanging with me and helping to find the issue. We limped to Repco and grabbed a new cap to get hooning again. Oh, and whoever put this in my wheel deserves a beer. It lasted all the way from our Saturday stop point until the end of the mission! The wee engine did sustain some damage though... I had a couple of gentle seize events on Saturday during sustained WOT application. It didn’t stop me for too long, but I was curious about how bad it might be. So I was down on a few compressions - it was a wise choice to nang gently for Sat afternoon and Sunday. Should be right with a bit of a clean up!
  7. That must have been one confused journalist! Love it.
  8. Holy shit! That's a big number.
  9. Holy shit that was a good few days! So much gravel, so many rings and dings. Huge thanks to @BLIZZO for letting me ride his ST90 back up to the motel last night.... and for the mangina demonstration. This was even better than it was cracked up to be. Can't wait for the next big mission!
  10. How could you tell it was rich? It’s really hard to read a plug that’s been used in mixed conditions / mixed RPM. Sounds like your main jet might be too small? Or is there a lack of oil?
  11. Y’all better watch out, the Speedcocks are coming!
  12. He has spots for both nights. He's booked at (I think) Waikanae Beach Motel on Friday and Hicks Bay Motel for Sat night ($30pp).
  13. Went for a good hard hoon out to Kawhia today. The bike ran well the whole way and was humming at 80kph the whole way home on the flat - I think the cool air was helping a lot! We got a bit wet at the end of the day, but apart from that it was an flawless afternoon's riding. Pics stolen from @64valiant. @Zeubin's C1 "Mothership" is a lol to ride along with.
  14. Today's ride was pretty choice. I did 165km all up and managed 127k's on my 6L fuel tank. Beers and fish & chips in Kawhia:
  15. Yuss. Fill out an entry form ASAP. It'll be removed by the end of the week. Page one is a good indication of the goings on. You'll need accommodation in Gisborne on Friday night and Hick's Bay on Sat because I think the batch is full. @BLIZZO or @datlow might have space for your Yibby.
  16. That's perfect for me TBH.
  17. I'm fizzing for this. Here's a photo that Rahn's uncle took in india to show it: