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  1. Fuck that's some mad work! Shit she was one rusty bitch!
  2. Plus we did coke and lemonade last year too didnt we? I think we'll stick with do bros. Not one single person complained last year. if we hand out panhead Rat rods, or moa imperial oak aged stouts there would be sure to be a few more offs. (Which nobody wants)
  3. 25×2.5×4=250÷18=14 boxes of dobro. 14×$22=$308. 308÷22 riders (the support guys wouldnt pay the entry fee) =$14 per rider. Yes it's a lot of beer. But why the fuck not?
  4. Now the weather is improving, I'm starting to fizz for this ride......
  5. That's not an unreasonable thing. Also with more $$ we can up the ante on the cuisine/beer. I think including the whip around at the start of day two, there was only just enough beer left for one can each at the end. The first can only just washes the dust out of a riders throat. The second one is the refresher.
  6. If it's for a revin, then it needs to be signed off by an approved repair certifyer. Kiss $500 good bye. (At least)
  7. Yeah its gonna be $30 next year. I expect a bigger turn out next year too.
  8. Dunno about you lot, but I was cooked after day two. It took everything I had to buy beers and get chopped in Nelson. Bbq at the accommodation was legit. (Just need more beers next time, because IIrC, I ran out and had to scab beers off @Pee Dubs
  9. Just musing here, Last year it was suggested next year we ride it In reverse. How does everyone feel about that? I feel the anticlockwise route was a good one. Day one mellow as fuck, Day two impossibly hard, Day three a fun level of riding. What are your thoughts, @Chris.QCR @Truenotch @Chunky_t @WankBankA100
  10. Do A Skid Cunt.......
  11. Whoever you are I hope you stole them off your employer, and used one of their courier bags to send it. /guess i owe someone a handy/panhead?
  12. Thanks OS! A box of grommets was just delivered. Not sure who you are? Not latex rubber/silicone for a change. (Which is the norm for mystery packages from OS users)
  13. Yes yes yes! Most excellent progress Bevan! Did I mention Holley accelatator pump nozzle dribble earlier? If not we can save that chT for once it's running.
  14. Another person closer to home has said they'll check their stash. I'll report back once I hear back.
  15. I literally only required like 5 grommets. I dont want anything other than exactly the ones I need. Yes I want them Naow.
  16. Rubber grommets/bungs etc.. Wheres a good place to buy em? I visited the local rubber merchants (who I fucking despise intensely) this morning. Everything in their inventory is imperial. Less than zero use on my build. What's everyone's go to?
  17. Cvt, yes. Best example of planned obsolescence ever!
  18. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! So according to these braindead fags who are detached from reality, my "modern" daily is not worth fixing? If I could buy the newer version for the price of two tyres and a new battery, I would. Cunts be tripping balls.......
  19. Is it fast, or just cool?
  20. Pay up deadbeat! And since you dont got no collateral, we're gonna have to break your legs in advance........
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