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  1. I really enjoyed what I learned on the 'Mud' Cub and the folk I met through it, keen for more of that. Going all in with this build to hopefully learn a thing or two in the process. This is the stage I'm currently at... I’m going to rebuild the og motor and see how we go, something for the bush / beach is the plan. Does anyone have any CT110 bits they’re happy to part with? Need a kickstart and gear lever for starters, but what have you got?
  2. This CT110 found it's way from Horowhenua to my garage over the long weekend. It's an '86 6v with the Hi / Lo gearbox. Good bones for a project over Winter!
  3. Throwback to a recent Hutt ride. Met some GCs out and about on the Cub, and this day was no different. How good's life in the slow lane when the sun's shining? V good.
  4. I finished working in Auckland in February and headed back to Wellington with the Cub. Front guard's on borrowed time... ... and so is the fork cover. The 'Mud' Cub is as finished as I'd hoped it would be by the end of Summer and I'm riding it daily down here. Narrow bars and a stretched tail could be the go at some stage.
  5. While we were at it we checked the barrel and piston, both were in better nick than the rest of it. We gave the barrel a hone and left the piston alone.
  6. After I'd done all the stuff I wanted to do, I set about doing the stuff I should do. The head was cracked... ... probably from a previous owner's attempt at porting, not sure what they were hoping for from the old four stroke. @1955classic had sold me the rack and also had a spare head, he kindly gave up an evening to teach me how to swap all the bits over. Good as gold.
  7. I picked up some lowdown links from Draft Kustom Shop in Thailand, removed the spacers and fitted new bushes with the links. Front wheel tucked up just as nicely. Links dropped the front end 30mm plus maybe the same again with the spacers out. Rims about level with the guards, front and back. I picked the front guard up on TradeMe for a mock-up but thought it should stay, at least until it's been burnt off by the tyre. Pod filter came from TM as well, fitted with some hose from NZKW for this high-performance machine!
  8. Slow and low was the tempo I had in mind for this. It came with a hardtail setup at stock height. I met up with @Shakotom to chop up the rear shocks I had. Tom's 'Garden Cub' was the initial inspiration for this build so it was rad to have a yarn with the lad behind it. Rear wheel tucked up nicely under the thinned out under the 'sliced-with-a-bread-knife' seat.
  9. Oil can lid for a fuel cap wasn't cutting it so I put the call out and @xsinclairx had one, plus a set of shocks I could buy to replace the hardtail setup with. I picked up an exhaust from @robot man for the price of a box and replaced this one... I picked a gasket up for a couple of bucks, which sorted out the leak. Nice patina and that nostalgic sound. Ran some new fuel lines while I was at it.
  10. Carb' needle was all over the place so I went searching for a replacement. I ended up with a complete carb' from @Dazzah who kindly shipped it up from Invercargill and refused any money for doing so. Good karma for you mate! Handily it also had the small spring on the idling screw that I hadn't noticed I was missing yet.
  11. Tyres were shot so I picked up some fresh rubber. 225-17 Duro tyres front and back, rate the classic tread pattern.
  12. Before I started on the Cub, I designed this logo for the local crew and from there and @MopedNZ I've met some proper GC's up and down New Zealand so big up yourselves!
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