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  1. I’ve got a 69 Datsun 521 Ute with a shit chassis, I’ve found a 73 Datsun 620 chassis that is near perfect. I’ve gone over all the part numbers and measurements on both chassis and the only real difference is the petrol tanks are mounted on different sides (521 on left,620 on right). So if I bolt the cab into the 620 chassis how do I get this on the road? The 521 has dead reg but the 620 has live plates on hold, it’s just a bolt over swap 

  2. I use to work for a place that made the chrome bonnet gaurds and they use to sent them to Taiwan I think to get the chrome done. It was pretty hit and miss with a lot of imperfections.They did send samples to the states to get the spray chrome done and it started flaking off within 6 months and was easy to mark. I can ask them for the details 

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