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  1. RobClubley

    Gator's 1982 Kp Starlet 4age - Discussion

    Looking good so far. You can come and help me with the wiring on my Audi once you've practiced on yours
  2. RobClubley

    Bwarp's 1972 Hillman Hunter

    Cool car. Also - I know that Warehouse car park
  3. RobClubley

    Insulation Advice

    I'm still in the process of stripping the quattro, but I'm starting to think about the rebuild and what insulation I need to use on the doors, floor and roof. The factory under-carpet foam is in decent condition but it has been wet for a while and is a bit smelly, so I'm thinking of replacing it. I'm after some advice on what to use. I'm thinking I'll Dynamat the doors as that made a big difference in my Skoda, but is Dynamat the best thing for the floors and roof as well? Dynamat and something else between it and the carpet? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. RobClubley

    mlracing's Hakosuka.

    I love these things! Watching with interest.
  5. RobClubley

    Jeezy's 1976 Volvo 245

    Cool that it's still alive though!