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  1. I'm sure if you saw another person locally driving a Pizza. Which may be unlikely. You'd wanna have a chat.
  2. Hopefully another fella with a mirage is going to attend the meet up tomorrow. Saw him driving through Lynfield, and I just had too have a chat.
  3. Does anyone know this morons name, who is complaining. Does anyone have his address? I would have also voted having the meet outside his house. Stoddard is even closer for me. Yay!!!
  4. Have you tried going to Jammex NZ. I last checked 2 years ago, and they had some.
  5. Started up the old girl the other day. She's running like absolute shit. It's hesitation too go over 60KPH, and the rough running is leading me too a gummed up carburetor. Put some CRC carb cleaner through it, and it helped, but not too much. I'll pull it off soon, maybe before I do the engine work, as I want too drive it more before I take the engine apart. Other than that, everything in Stellar land is good.
  6. Once Neil has finished giving this moron a British Leyland Sharn. Feel more than free too throw him into the boot of the Stellar. I was going too say, then once in the boot pour gas on him and set him alight. But no.
  7. After all the organisation, only one of us went. Ouch. Oh well. Screw that stupid foot of mine.
  8. Well looks like I'm out, ended up doing in my foot last night. And I'm on some decent looking painkillers for a few days too. Won't be giving you a lift either rusty. Sorry mate. Was looking forward too it. Have a good day guys.
  9. Well let me decide, if i'm coming right up north in the Green Mirage or the Stellar to pickup you up, then your gonna have too chip in for a fair amount of that gas mayte. Shes a pretty big job aye? It will also require me too get outta bed fairly early and be there at around 6AM. You will also have to put up with my rambling on about Mitsubishi's all day, and "A groovy kind of love" I have for a particular kind of Korean car.
  10. At the rate I'm going, I'm gonna die of severe blue smoke poisoning. Shit I couldn't see a thing for about 10 seconds.
  11. Time for some pics. This is the day I first saw it at the gas station. I will upload more soon. I'm having issues getting them off this stupid phone.
  12. Yeah, I'll upload them. Having trouble dragging them off my phone.
  13. How exciting, my first project thread. So here it is. My new 1988 Hyundai Stellar. I've wanted one for the past 2 or so years. because their such an odd-ball car, hardly no one knows what the fuck it is, and there are practically none of them left now. As they all rusted out. My Nana and Grandad had one for a short time between approx 2008 and 2011. Theirs was the pre-facelift model. I've got the facelift model that came out in 1988. The front end on the facelift model doesn't look so naff. A bit of history behind the car, it was brought by a south African guy down in
  14. It's looking good with that new carpet man. Actually that whole darker interior looks quite good.
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