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  1. going to take the truck to this. the old man has a bunch of early ford v8 flathead stuff he wants to sell
  2. nah going to with my next ones
  3. this is a very cool project. I want to make a similar thing for my truck but a hillbilly barn/ house what sits on the deck
  4. whats the good place for greasy chips and a half cold fizzy can of coke around here?
  5. yea the next one I do im going to make a dummy grid with pencil lines so you can plot out your start points. its difficult getting both sides to look similar.
  6. I got my brushes from smitts Group. cheap as chips. and one shot paint from magoos. not so cheap at around 40 bucks a can. you should give it a shot. im still rubbish but its quite a fun thing to do after work while you chill cranking the radio.
  7. yea i did them in order first one first beer second one three beers third one four beers lol
  8. More wobbly lines with dual colors. harsh feedback and criticism please. I tried to keep these designs not looking like the described anatomy of my last one.
  9. it was a bit sad. people got into a massive argument over them accusing the other of cheating somehow. much yelling and steam flowing from ears. not really my thing but it is amusing in how certain individuals can get so engrossed in pushing rocker covers with wheels down a ramp.
  10. i should of parked next to that pickup. the guy is a cool dude to have a chat to.
  11. was a cool event. i turned up late but still got to hear the old flathead dragster fireup. was pretty awesome.
  12. an old ammo box i keep d shackles in. yea ill give a multi coloured one a go.
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