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  1. I've had it up and down the road a few times now...goes good! Still has more in it, as the tune isn't perfect yet (far from) and a bigger carburetor would be ideal...but I'm smiling :-). I even had time to tie and solder the spokes (a bit rough) And make a safety guard for the cvt driven pulley, just in case it brakes free of the motor. That should do it for now.
  2. Bit of a late night, but things are moving in the right direction:
  3. Exhausts tidied up. Side by side before and after:
  4. Got the paint on last night. I figure I may as well experiment with it, so here it is: Yip, clear. The sexy bear metal looks so good (well to me anyway), I thought why hide it under coloured paint? I used por15 and although not uv resistant, realistically its not going to see much time outside...so it should be fine? This is part of my experimenting, as I'm curious in how long it will last? Worst case, I'll sandblast it off and paint it boring black if the clear doesn't work. Assembly in the weekend.
  5. Looked at the calender and had one of those "oh fuck!" realisations that I'm quickly running out of time. I squeezed in the finishing touches (totally untested) and started stripping it down. Finished the hard to reach welds that were underneath stuff: Then stripped the frame I'm about to have a cup of tea like they would in "Project Binky" then attack the frame with a wire wheel. Hopefully get some kind off paint on it this week and put it back together next weekend?
  6. Seat moved back a few inches And that's it for now.
  7. Hubs...this was painful! I cut the spline centre out of the original hubs, then grafted it into some other hubs that didn't fit. Then machined them so they do fit. Yes, that's right...painful!
  8. Rear end chopped up And then put back together again:
  9. Nice work, from what I can see it looks great! Would love to see more photos of it please?
  10. Thanks, making up for a (perceived) deprived childhood :-). My go-to engine of choice these days are the 49cc mini quad engines. They have enough power for drift trikes and kids gokarts. Next step up are the 6.5hp Honda or clone engines...then after that you're looking at a motorbike engine. The 49cc motors are $100 new on trademe, plus you'll want an exhaust for another $30.
  11. Your welcome to come out if you had nothing better to do. I tend to always have a small project on the go, along the lines of these drift trikes etc... I'm not trade qualified, just a self taught butcher, so prepare yourself by lowering any expectations
  12. And later on: Mocked up for inspiration. Will get around to actually making it work in a couple weeks.
  13. Active relaxation at its best, my ADHD has kicked in again and no amount of Ritalin will make the ideas go away...so fuck it - may as well make it: Starting point:
  14. It's alive!!! The motor was built out of left over parts from other such projects...very pleased that it goes so well. It has very high compression so should be good to go!
  15. All bolted on, and seams to be okay: only thing preventing it from working is the throttle now, which I hope to have by Friday?
  16. EBay sprocket arrived today, so I modified it to fit:
  17. Pretty much finished, just waiting on a sprocket and throttle cable to finish it off. I've made it as a gift for a mate (nickname "skinny"). I already have one, so the only thing better than one is racing your mates on another one. photos:
  18. Paints done. I've done better...but it's rough enough. Now it's literally a matter of watching paint dry, then onto final assembly.
  19. Etch primer: Waiting on it to dry, then final paint to come.
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