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  1. Yes, kind of. A little bit of everything, but some quad steering components were used. Its quite big at 1.5m wide and 2.5m long. Has a DR200 motor, so unfortunately no reverse gear. In that clip I'm being a pussy, as I ripped the shit out of my lawn doing I'm trying more challenging grades to test its limits. Those hills are steeper than they look.
  2. Not exactly epic progress, but I felt the need to make a bobber style license plate with my race number 52 on it. Then today at a car swap meet in Hamilton I picked up a cool chromed guard for $20...Yeah, I know...he saw me coming, but I really wanted it. Then I picked up a "fat bike" dirt cheap off trademe, with the idea of cutting it up. I want to use the rear end on this velobike and the front end for my next drift trike project. Problem is my kids found it and now I'll feel bad if I cut it up? Hmmm undecided on this one? Anyway, progress is progress...all be it rather slow. Kj
  3. I got this off trademe, it has possibly the worst welding I've ever seen...but with minimal effort myself and mate of mine got it going last night. My mate reckons it looks like something out of a war torn African province, just gotta add a few machine guns and a flag! Hence the nickname. Now anything that goes is a rarity in my this bad boy is fast becoming a favorite. Kj
  4. Not this one, but I'm in a rural fire team and have used wajax pumps many times. Main issue is that this one has been butchered, and from what I've been told has issues with overheating. To get it running again will be a lot of work, and then it's going to overheat when it I'm thinking of looking for an alternative?
  5. Thinking of ditching the wajax motor, the drive system, and rear end...well pretty much everything from the forks/backbone back. I have some cool ideas to make it more my this space. Does anyone have any suitable donar motors out there for sale? What hp should I be aiming for to be amongst the pack? Is Dromeggedon happening this year? So many questions...sorry. Kj
  6. I hate shopping, but even i would volunteer to do the shipping in that!
  7. Scratch built velocity stack. There are easier ways of doing this...but I only had a scrap chunk of aluminum at hand. Yes I know you can buy these for very little money off trademe...but where's the fun in that?
  8. This was an easy project. I drew it on a sheet of plywood, used a protractor to find angles...went to an exhaust shop and the dude looked over his shoulder a couple times and said "you do it, but do it quick before my boss gets back". He only charged me for the steel, and it only took 5 minutes to bend and expand the joins. Next time I go there I'll take him a box of piss for being such a GC. Kj
  9. Yeah...umm, yeah... it's not a Harley, but it certainly makes anyone who uses it smile:D I even hooked up a dyno to power the head light. Kj
  10. Some clever ideas. I'd over complicate it myself and it still wouldn't work as well as yours. Watching with interest.
  11. Awesome! Should be nice and safe too
  12. I've always been one to have a project or two on the go. Then there's the ones still in the "planning stage" i.e. they only exist in your imagination. Well there's nothing like a deadline you cannot negotiate an extension on (Christmas), and kids would have to be the toughest of all the negotiators to deal with! So when I foolishly thought out loud 3 days before Christmas about an idea I had - that may or may not work??? ...well the pressure to deliver was all on! So: String line and inclinometer dusted off Holes dug, posts in, concrete mixed and poured. Guy wires, main cable tensioned and clamped (that sentence sounded flippant-ly easy... this was a challenge) I had three bits of wire rope. The longest was 50m, so this became the bit between the two posts. I then machined up a connecting rod for each side, that hooks up to the guy wires. Complicated solution...but it enabled me to get the longest span with the free wire rope I was given. Its designed to slip, so tension remains the same in all components. I used basic trigonometry to calculate the forces involved. But if my theory is true, then it should all be good. So I'd call it a success. Now 4 months old and still working well Kj
  13. Tank now fully attached. Two pairs of tabs front and rear, split so one is welded to frame and the other to the tank. This way I can unbolt the tank if I so choose. Kj
  14. And a waaaaayyyyy over engineered gas cap. But come on, its sexy eh! My OCD kicked in and I even domed the top because it looks better that way. Kj
  15. I'm certainly interested. May have to geek out on the internet and try and find more information. Like you, I was into gopeds a long time ago (nearly 20 years ago for me)...I'm rediscovering how awesome they are. These days I've got a few more tools to do cool stuff with
  16. Had some time on my hands today, so I wasted it on doing something pointless. New tank for velobike: Not bad. Best use for one of those disposable gas use for welding as they only last 5 minutes! Only made that mistake twice
  17. Would love to see some pics please. I have some reed valves off another two stroke, when time allows I will have a go at milling something up for this motor.
  18. Here's another one of mine. This is a fast goped...but not as fast as the one in this build thread. In the quick and nasty YouTube clip, I'm only about half throttle as there isn't enough room to flog it. My latest one bogs at low speed, so it's pointless riding that one unless you have more room to hit the higher rpm's. Anyway, thought it would give you an idea?
  19. Just dumping a few of my projects from the last year on here. Most come under the category "pointless yet fun"... A mate I work with (civil engineer, genius who designs bridges) showed me this YouTube clip: I couldn't help myself, so with a little bit of tinkering in the shed...3hrs later I whipped this bad boy up. I left it wrapped in gift wrap with a giant bow on his desk...he was blown away, which made me very happy. Yes, it is impossible to ride. Yes, guaranteed to make a total cock out of yourself, and yes pointless yet fun It got noticed and found its way onto TV3, which was cool. Our next mission is to leave it in public places in the hope some shit bag tries to steel it...we'll be over the road in a pub watching the big fail - should be priceless! Kj
  20. Does about 50kph....maybe more? but it gets there super quick! Its direct drive, no clutch. So once started, you've gotta keep moving. It doesn't like you dumping gas into it from uber low revs, but if you bring it up to a running speed then flog'll pull wheelies!
  21. At high school there was kid who had an"American pie" moment with a Swedish exchange student...poor guy saw out his days at high school with the nickname "2-stroke"... sorry funny story that always comes to mind if someone says "2-stroke". Anyway, I've always had an affinity for 2 strokes. My parents weren't rich, so my love affair with these engines wasn't realised until I had an income of my own. My first purchase was a MX bike. A 125cc then moved on to 250cc of craziness! Then a 12A rotary RX7... technically a "2-stroke". Cheap speed, fun times! And although I'm more into my V8's now, I'm not afraid to admit the odd rotary catches my attention, and makes me smile. Next was a Kt100 gokart. You'd wonder how a 100cc engine could produce so much power...actually I still do wonder how - absolutely incredible! Then came gopeds. I have 5 goped sports, all in various extremes from near stock to insanity! This is my dream build...this bad boy will be nuttier than squirrel shit! I just finished the motor today, its a hybrid...I won't bore you with details, but lets just say it will be fast:) The expansion chamber is a work of art! Anyway, the above is the result of the dangers of the internet and a paypal account;)... let this be a warning! Oh and while my wife and three kids are away on school holidays...hell yes this gives me the right to build a gas engine on the kitchen table! Started off as an already high spec little engine at 22.5cc. The cylinder head had 4 transfer ports...these have been port mapped and ever so slightly ported to change the port timing a tiny bit. The head has been replaced with a hemispherical dome head specially calculated to the right volume to run on 95 octane gas/oil mix. The new cc rating is now 28.9cc due to larger bore of new top end. The flywheel has been lightened. The timing has been advanced. Massive dominator tuned expansion chamber. Huge walbro carburetor. Velocity stack. K&N filter. 0.7" drive spindle. Third bearing support added. Chrome fan cover and pull start. Yes...lost the plot...but everyone needs a hobby eh. You'll have to use your imagination a little at this stage. But this pile of "parts" will be made into a goped roller...the motor will go on it. Will be badass! The frame I picked up didn't quite live up to the trademe description...but beggars can't be choosers. These aren't that easy to come across in NZ. So rather than dwell on negatives, I welded up the broken bits, and stress fractures. Next came a trial fit, a few extra holes were needed. And with the magic of a mig welder and a grinder...a few holes disappeared! I've got to figure out forks and some form of head set arrangement to hold it in place. Handle bars will then be the next headache. But I like a project and an idea (cheap idea) will come to mine:) Frame all finished. Found more stress cracks, drilled holes in the ends of the cracks (old trick, logic being that a crack will stop at a hole) then ground out a v into the crack and welded it all back again. Finally ground the welds back flush and you'd never know any different. I took it all back to bear metal, and dropped it off at local car painters for a coat of etch primer and some 2 pak paint. I looked at other options briefly...then thought paint is as good as anything else, and secondly it is just a big kids scooter after all, not a show car. I milled up this plate up. The rear fender was snapped of the frame, I could have replaced it like for like...but I had this idea in my head for something a little different. I think I will look the part once final assembly takes place. Started the motor for the first time today. It roared into life with relative ease. I soon realised it was starving for air, so tore it down again looking for reasons why. Didn't take long to see why, the velocity stack had an internal diameter of 15.4mm, but the carb internal diameter is 19mm! I bored out the inside, then while it was dialed true in the lathe, thought I'd contour the shape to aid flow. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Okay, things are happening fast with this one. Here's a before pic of what I was dealing with: And after: Chrome "bothy" forks DDM Racing third bearing support My milled aluminum rear fender: Tank, with billet DDM cap all installed with my own lathe turned aluminium spacers. That's it for now. I've ordered a few parts off ebay that I'm waiting on to complete this project with. I'm going to machine/weld up the handle bars this week while waiting on ebay parts to arrive. I'm pretty happy with the silver...I've been known to say unkind words about silver in the past...basically it does suck as a paint colour, but for this project I think it compliments the chrome nicely without being overly tacky? I'm going to put some blue parts in the mix too break it up a little... all will be explained later.:D Had a cool idea for a kickstand. The originals had a large two sided loop. Hard to explain, but irrelevant as I didn't have one anyway. So I welded this up: And lean it to the right and it automatically "springs" up under tension. The spring holds it out of the way...pretty trick! It's the devil in the detail:) MKII model: I had to make it clear the part where the deck bolts on, as I forgot about the rubber isolator. Looks a bit more shapely now with a few more curves:D[/QUOTE]
  22. One to start smaller hole usually has a 4mm bit left in it, other does the bigger holes... just kidding :-). I first brought a little one as it was all i could afford at the time...bigger one came later. Weird, but both do get used.
  23. Bunnings. $70 from memory, comes in white paint fixes white