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  1. Made a chain tensioner out of a door hinge. LH side And RH side All prettied up...finished!!!
  2. Mint paint, prior to a carburetor leaking fuel all over it. Turns out VHT "aluminum" paint isn't fuel resistant. Paint washed off like water. Fuck it, patina paintjobs are all the rage these days aren't they?
  3. A few highs...then a few lows...as my flywheel disintegrated into a million bits...cunt!!! But that's all fixed now. Then: Fuck yeah... I've dialed in the cables to now lift the carburetor slides in sync, got it going mint. My fuel tank mount broke the cast mounting holes on the motor in this vid, weird as I've used this system heaps without issue on other motors. But I've got it sorted but locating onto the clutch bell mounting holes now.
  4. Other bits painted and now drying in the workshop: Axle spacers Exhausts Tank mount/chain guard bracket.
  5. Flawlessly colour matched...cough...cough. But it's not like I can pop down to my local "house of kolor" for some custom paint during a lockdown eh...so needs-must.
  6. Nearly there. Throttle controls sorted. Last of fab work done. Strip, paint, reassemble...drift!!!
  7. Calling this a win. Got it tuned, running so mint now! Oiled the chain and it made a world of difference to it...must be 25% increase in power, as it was hard out binding and acting like the brakes were on. Almost (some chain links) welded itself together. Never thought to oil it, as it was brand new and I assumed it would be pre oiled. New tyres, brakes actually working properly. Motor running flawlessly and produces excellent power with fat torque! It's all fucking mint now. Super happy with this project.
  8. Made this chain guard. So sexy...love a good bracket!
  9. Yes, but weirdly I like the look of it. Kind of an old school look, like you'd see on early industrial machines. But yeah, I can appreciate why others would not.
  10. It had to happen. Turbo time!!! This kid makes amazing stuff given his age. I've been following his builds for a few years now and I've always been impressed by his problem solving skills with limited tools. He's now getting better stuff, and the build quality reflects this.
  11. The only thing that would have been more awesome, would be if they just sent me the right fucking ones...like I ordered... Cunts fucked up the sizes and sent metric M10, instead of 3/8" -24 like I ordered. Hero to zero...
  12. In the midst of a level 4 covid19 lockdown...the courier delivered this essential item I only ordered from ebay about 7 days ago. Crazy fast delivery compared to my usual 6 weeks wait...
  13. Lightened the flywheel by milling off every other fin on the flywheel fan. Then I shoved it in the lathe and machined down the length of the blades. Mild improvement in performance...but probably more in my head than reality? I've also gone back to the original pull starter, as my adapted "easy pull" mechanism made of the finest Chinesium pot metal die casting man can make...um broke after about 10 pulls (turns out you really do get what you pay for eh). But let's just say my compression ratio is probably a bit more than what it was designed for...
  14. Finished it: I've tuned it since this ride, now running much stronger. It's got huge torque, but the tyres on it make the handling feel like your riding a loaf of bread... I'll swap the tyres out and possibly upgrade the handlebars, as its sketchy as fuck to ride. It lacks any feeling in the controls and just loosely goes "about where" you want it to, unlike my other gopeds that handle much better. Anyways - my motor works, so that was my main motivation for this project, so I'm stoked with that!
  15. Attacked my exhausts - cutting a fair bit off them, all in order of gaining a few inches of ground clearance. Then I shaped it a bit more to mimic the upper one: Before After Trying to follow the line of the rear leg angle as much as possible. Before After It's just sitting there loosely at the moment, but looking about right. I liked it better before...but there's always a price to pay in exchange for some practicality. I think I would have gained a fair amount of "lean" before it hits now. Probably
  16. So, funny story to tell. ( @Raizer please read, in case I've given you a bad lead on where to buy stuff from) I noticed my brake lines didn't have printed markings on them, unlike the photos the guy had on his website. So having been through a cert before, got worried I actually have no proof that the lines meet any standards. So I emailed him, asking for something in writing to show he used the correct parts. I got a weird response about how the website photos are 12 years old and manufacturer's don't print id marks on their lines anymore because customers don't like the writing on
  17. I Googled how the crimping is done. Out of curiosity... Basically it has an inner part, that gets pushed inside the line, like a hose barb. And then the outer part is what you see (on the outside obviously). The two parts are positioned in a machine that hydraulically crushes them against each other locking it in place. Very simple idea, but works great. Unfortunately each machine is only able to crimp a very specific size, so although very close, the guys in Hamilton couldn't cut my fitting off and put theirs on because of the slight difference in the sizes.
  18. Apex brakes in Canada. Much cheaper even including postage it was only $120 for both lines delivered. They meet SAE/DOT standards so all compliant. Delivery took less than a week to my door. I fucked up my side of things. This would have happened no matter where I got them from. The mistake was mine. Tempted to order another set from them, however my local guy has a longer fitting that better suits my needs. So I'll get them to make the rear line with this much longer fitting.
  19. And then opened courier packages and boom... Sexy braided stainless dual throttle cables, made to order. Nice matching set to go with the braided brake lines.
  20. Okay, things aren't as bad as I thought. I took the lines into a brake shop in Hamilton. Manager said that drilling out the M10 to 11mm is fine. No problem at all, something they often do themselves in fact. As long as I use quality copper washers and check it for leaks it's no problem. So that's reassuring. The other line that I bent by hand from 90° back to 45°, he said is probably fine too, but a small question mark about the possibility of me over working it. No guarantee that it won't fatigue. So for 100% peace of mind I'm going to replace this line. He has more crimping options
  21. Yip, probably put this down to learning and get them all re-made again. Guess that's the price of education sometimes.
  22. Okay, I ordered some brake lines. Custom made to my dimensions I supplied. Excellent service, happy with the product... but perhaps I should have taken more care with my measurements... So this banjo turned out to be an oddball at M11. Balls!!!! Cunt!!! Shit!!! Of course I measured a couple and got M10 (3/8"), so simply assumed they were all the same, ordered all M10. Hmmm 3 out of 4 normally isn't too bad, unless its safety critical. I've drilled it out to M11. I figured 0.5mm off each side won't affect the way it works that much. So I'll get some better washers and was t
  23. Fuck yeah, I've been a luckMC fanboy for a long time now. Just love their style. I saw one of their earlier bikes about 8 years ago now and saved it as inspiration. They've built a heap more cooler bikes since then, like the one above.
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