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  1. Then on to the starter motor. These big block motors take a fair bit of torque to turn them over. So I'm not going to fuck around...going straght for the big gun here! It's perfectly normal if this photo gives you an erection! As it's one fucking sexy chunk of billet aluminium. Test fit for clearance. It's a tight fit...but appears to fit without fouling on anything. So gotta be happy with that.
  2. I'm using secondhand Vance and Hines exhausts off a soft tail. I'm no exhaust expert...but I don't think this cable tie is a long term solution? I need to remake these brackets, as my frame is longer than a soft tail (hence the cable tie for now). But luckily they're still making steel, so this should be achievable. The headers fit the big block motor just fine. I may need to cut the bottom pipe to eliminate it contacting the road - when I really lean it over into a corner. Hopefully I'm able to "tweak" the pipes up a bit without looking to stupid? That may buy me the ground clearance without having to cut them?
  3. Found some old photos from about 4 years ago, when I started to make this thing. I totally loved this look..however I made it way to low. It was heartbreaking when I finally admitted that I'd fucked up my measurements and would have to redo it again to raise it up...balls!!! But after walking around in circles constantly saying "fuck...fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck!!!"...then I got over myself and excepted the situation for what it was and moved onto producing a solution. A bit of nip and tuck, then bare metal goodness...mmmmm...tasty. Etched and primed. Looking sexy! Same bike now 4 inches higher after a fuckload of changes made. I also had a custom wheel made for me which put my hub into a 17"rim. 17" had taller tyres than all other options in that width due to aspect ratios. When I did the maths on 16" & 18"...the 17" won. So there's a brief history lesson on how I got to this point now. Ups and downs...shit loads of time, effort and money...but I think it's been worth it.
  4. A lazy 6 hours spent on it today. This is the version 1.3 attempt at getting this right. Yup 3 attempts to get it perfect. Doesn't look much...but often the best ideas don't. Anyway harleys have an oil filter in the front that's hard to empty without dumping oil all over the place and spilling it on you motor/frame etc. So I purchased a remote oil filter to relocate it to a better place. I also picked up a really nice Perf-form oil filter kit that uses disposable cartridges...and looks fucking cool too! Here it is mounted in place. It is just mocked up for test fit. I'll send it away for chrome later. As you can appreciate, there's no bonnet on a motorbike, so everything has to be perfect as it's all out there on display. There's a lot going on in this location, drive belt, oil tank, downtube, rear fender, primary drive belt etc... this oil filter has to clear all these things as well as look good. Hence why I made this bracket three times before getting it right. Fucken stoked with it!
  5. Huge step forwards on this today. I moved it from the house to the workshop...this may not sound like a lot, but is a big deal as now it's on my to do list. It's not going to be done anytime soon...but I'll chip away at it. I haven't been near it in one or two this is exciting for me. I must say I fucking love this thing and the shape I've made it. Jumped on ebay and splashed out on a new rear drive belt. Each time I do this I think that's one step closer...
  6. And oi! Lay off the poor old VN Commodore...they say there's an arse for every seat love that car. It's got an LT1 and a 6 speed manual...hauls arse! Though I do understand only drug dealers, scout masters and glue sniffers own VN's...well at least that's what my mates have said in the past...
  7. On the plus side when you have an arse like a Kardashian...who cares about mathematics??? Just drive these things and enjoy living in the moment.
  8. We were both right...but I think we were talking past each other and just missing each others points.
  9. Correct. Once a certain value is achieved its volume in the bag that really lifts the car....but also the pressure has an effect as area is let's put some numbers into the equation and see how it changes. P=F/A Therefore F=P.A So let's simply it and just use 100psi and 80inch2 for area. Then; F=100psi x 80inch2 F= 800lb of force. Lets do it again with 50psi and the same area of 80inch2 F= PA F=50psi x 80inch2 F= 400lb force So you see the force is a direct relationship with how much pressure is in the bag. And just like a jack lifting a the bag fills it expands and exerts lift...but only once the force is larger than the dead weight of the car.
  10. Pressure = force ÷ area So Force = pressure x area So the bigger the diameter...the more force for the same pressure. If you think of force as spring rate...then the more pressure the more/stiffer the "spring rate" becomes...and the higher the car will sit.
  11. Thanks for replies. That is a good steer in the right direction. Looks like I need to get in touch with those guys you linked. I'm definitely attracted towards a "kit" for simplicity reasons. I've dropped quite a bundle on this car so it won't be straight away...but it's next on the to do list, as the 64's just look soooo much better dumped out low to the ground.
  12. Okay guys, knowing what you've all learnt by would you approach bagging a 64 impala these days? I've just trolled through all 16 pages going back 8 years. There's a bit of evolution in ideas here. So how about now?
  13. Let me know what pipe you use...I've got one of those benders and have never used it (successfully) either. Keen to try... but the one attempt just crushed the pipe.
  14. You may get away with welding? I've locked spider gears in differentials and welded the steel pins to the cast iron heads before. Ideally you preheat...weld...then bring temperature down again slowly to prevent cracking. Other way about it could be to grind a keyway in.
  15. Have you seen these guys "Detroit hood tv"' ghetto as fuck...but once you get past the gangsta bullshit it' got some mad mini bikes racing. Shows the potential of these Honda clone engines.
  16. Cvt is best. And belts are cheap to replace. Clutch is okay...but a disposable item. And if geared incorrectly won' last long at all. Either way will be fine though. Your project is looking pretty sweet!
  17. 2 stroke goodness...yes...yes...yes! There's gotta be something that'll fit with bit of cutting and welding. Hmmm cogs are turning in my head???
  18. That motor in a gokart would be the berries! That way you could make use of its rediculous torque. Have you seen my "somali battle wagon"? This thing is so much fun and I'm constantly amazed by where there can go. It only had a DT200 motor in mine geared real low...your motor would send it into orbit!!!!
  19. Version V1.0 chain roller shredded itself. Actually it was still functional...but well flogged out. It was quite a hard rubber...but not hard enough. The initial idea was sound, so i reused this solution, but changed materials...with a much harder composition. Ebay to the rescue again. $2.90 delivered to my door rural delivery included. Versus paying $10, plus another $10 delivery on trademe ($20 total). It's holding up really well after riding it around all morning. Success!
  20. Sweet as. Got a couple here, all yours. Pm me and I can sort out delivery, or meet in Hamilton?
  21. I took it for a big ride today. It went well, but you soon find yourself at the rev limit. I have an 80 tooth (from memory) sprocket on the rear, which is awesome for gravel roads and hills...but I could easy go to a 68 tooth for road use t get more speed. Anyway, it was fun. But I did notice a vibration...on closer inspection, the tyres are falling apart. They're just sack trolley tyres, not proper goped tyres. So the question has to be asked: "what do you do with shitty tyres" ... hmmmm???
  22. Warning: the following video contains excess crack possession. In most US states possession of this amount of crack would be a felony offence! Now it doesn't look fast...but it is, its really, really fast!!! My goped (26cc) does 55kph...and after riding this pocket bike, the goped feels very slow.