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  1. had a look on the cert website and I think I should be ok, I can bring my exhaust out the side of my cruiser behind the drivers door? this is just a rough position for reference. theres no opening windows behind the drivers door etc. also would like to weld the exhaust hangers to the body mounts that come off the chassis, I can't see that being a problem? thanks
  2. heres a size comparison between 31's 32's and 35's thought I might use the spare 32's for a trailer build one day
  3. so i put the 2" blocks in instead. before after i just don't like the look of all those beat up surfs you see around with big body lifts and small worn out mud tyres, thats my reason for not liking body lifts etc, the pto lever or hole will need modding, rounded off a bolt because i was being lazy, everything else seems fine brake lines and stuff, the fuel tank is mounted to the body so didn't have to do anything there. am going to work on the exhaust some more today father in law sells 4wd camper trailers and roof top tents etc, he would like to whack on a roof tent for a show in taupo in september so need to get shit done.
  4. cheers mof, would like to stay away from mucking around with shackles, with the fan shroud i was hoping i could just re-drill the shroud holes an inch higher\lower, dunno. the guy who sent me the blocks sent the wrong kit in the first place so have a 2" body lift kit here if i really need it but wouldn't like to. did your mate move his front diff forward? haven't looked at the transfer lever or fuel filler hose etc yet. does anyone have some mags the same as my rear ones for sale? they are different to the fronts. brand is enkei, think they are a 3 piece size is 15" x 9"
  5. from what the internet says it should all be fine with 1" body lift, 2" springs and I will move the diff forward 1" too. hope it works! nah haven't driven it incase I fuck something, 37's must be tough on the drive train.
  6. so instead of spending money on things like getting stuff for a wof , I went and brought 5 khumo 35" mud terrain tyres to make my ego bigger. this is them on with no lift. But of course the spare doesn't fit now cause its so friggn large. have to put new bumper\spare carrier on the to do list too. have taken all the body bolts out to put the 1" body lift in tomorrow , that will allow me to finish the exhaust off, have the dump pipe all welded up but the exhaust flexi is too long. still waiting on the new leafs its been about 2 weeks now (first world issues)
  7. truck looks tiny with that massive mutt on the back, will pick up that parts truck in a few weeks and I'm happy to part with the 5 speed, would the seats work too? I'm not sure if it has power steer or not yet.
  8. went digging in the roof and found more rust than I had expected. not sure if I'm keen to take this amount on. Also probably cant afford to pay for a pro to take it on as I imagine they will want to remove the roof. looks like condensation forms inside the roof then drips into the outer edges of the roof, its too late when you see rust bubbles. Anyone know how the gutters are attached on these? I'm guessing spot welds but there isn't much room on the a pillar to access them. Im wondering if I can weld in new patches with leaving the gutters on and filling the inside of the roof with an anti rust wax etc to halt it for a while, better to have something you can use then it sit in the shed for years. The truck is always going to be stored under cover or in a shed. What say you guys?
  9. yes h55, 3.7s unfortunately , am looking for another 4.1 as I have one already, have found a 4.1 arb air locker but the copper air line is buggered and partially dissembled am a bit worried about buying it. paint is home now hope its good enough, muffler turned up too just waiting on the body lift before I finish the exhaust as I want it tucked up nice and high. Will work on the roof this weekend, it needs a few rust patches.
  10. have brought a cert sweet body lift kit, have welded up the turbo dump pipe tonight with these arc rods and they are doing a really nice job, think I'm going to weld it all up with them, won't show photos though haha. if you need any 3b parts this parts bj70 I'm picking up next weekend is running one. All the paint/primer etc turned up today will just paint the roof for now to fit a roof tent and look at spraying the body later on when time allows.
  11. To be honest I didn't know my self, so paid novus at the mt to take them out and put them back together, will give putting them back in a go myself.
  12. yes I am thanks will I follow up on that.
  13. window frames and rubbers were new from toyota in Paeroa , about $800. I hate the massive sun deck on the front , when I can afford it it will go. wof shouldn't be a problem for me.. In other news brought some 316 rods to tack the exhaust up today, will then try find someone to do a cashie to tig it up. Also have found a whole rusty bj70 for parts will pick it up soon as I broke the windscreen getting it out of mine. Cert will be on the cards when Ive finished the tidy up. Don't like body lifts as I think they look stupid but it is needed for the tread I will fit.
  14. Have bought a 1" body lift , 2" lift springs, new shocks and bushes etc, steering damper, and am hoping to shift the front axle forward 1". Some 35's to look cool if funds allow. I won't be fitting a light bar to the bonnet sorry. Hope to get this truck all sorted before summer and do some missions. I don't have a tig so am going to tack the exhaust together with some 304 2.5mm 304 arc rods tell me if this is a bad idea.
  15. Hi there, been wanting a decent 4 wheeler for camping for a while and this 1989 bj71 popped up. Old fella was in a rest home, long story short brought it for what I think was a good price, put my best offer forward first. poor guy was crying when I drove it away, hope to steal him from the prison (rest home) when she's legal and take him for a spin. Has low amounts of rust for these things, will end up painting it white. Its a JDM model so has everything electric. Have a bad back at the moment but have so far replaced most of the coolant hoses, radiator hoses , had the radiator done, thermostat, air filter, deleted the back seat heater (won't be running back seats) fixed the shit house thermostat housing , pulled out the rear windows and put new steel frames in with new rubber seals. would really like to look after this vehicle so am trying to fix everything properly. The exhaust was rubbish so am building a 3" ss side exit exhaust for it, waiting on the muffler . Brought all the parts from adrenilin? and the quality is really good compared to the chinise junk I have used in the past, got the exhaust tubing from the scrappy $25 for the lot Heres an engine bay pic doesn't show much , Its running a 13bt 3.4L turbo diesel
  16. bummer, what about if i was to box and brace the shitty standard 56 inter 'u' frame and put the diffs and motor gearbox transfer case from the jeep in? could i then keep the awful lap belts , suicide steering column and standard door locks? would be better diffs brakes motor (6.2 chev diesel) (debatable) .. cheers max
  17. i have the opportunity to buy a good 1983 jeep j20 chassis (reg on hold rhd nz new) what would be the go in (certing) putting that chassis under my 56 international ambo? would i have to update the seat belts? , it has lap belts. cheers
  18. yeah nah the 32 ones won't work.
  19. mate with the 360 owns 'go motors' in paengaroa tepuke , hassle him to sell his cause he will let it rust into the ground.
  20. my old tennant has one of these a 360 not 600, he's never going to do anything with it but won't sell it and its sitting out in the rain. if you get stuck for bits i can give you his number. it would be worth saving.
  21. think this is one of my favourite cars on here, hope you have shown the old owner how it is now. my first job was at a hydroponic lettuce company in katikati called RADFLO, (ryan abby downs flo)
  22. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Clone-A-Willy-DIY-Make-Your-Own-Vibrating-Dildo-Penis-Cock-Mold-Copy-At-Home-Kit-/201309521848 this stuff is pretty flexible
  23. question, looking to run my air intake on my van partway through the rear "firewall" and into the passenger compartment with a couple of silicone or rubber joiners, would that pass cert or would it have to be a steel pipe etc. having trouble fitting new motor under seat. there would be no joiners touching sharp metal etc just 2 joiners and some 3" stainless pipe. cheers.
  24. do you think you need a winch on that track? see any deer sign?
  25. hey sorry i cut your lunch on that shell thought i maybe saving it from a drifter etc, having a look at yours it doesn't look bad at all, the shell i have would still need some work. am keen to see your one sometime, do they make new bumpers for these?
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