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  1. Sure do. It's a bit of a log but it works. Have you got a way to transport it?
  2. Sorry guys/girls I'm definitely not going. Woke up half way through the night with cold sweats, now crook as fuck. I was looking forward to this one too. Have a great day and I'm looking forward to the photos
  3. There's a very high chance I will not be attending. Just thought I would warn you all so there's no tears. It's because I brought a euro as a daily so yes... now I have to fix it.
  4. Geez I've been slack on this one!! So I've just confirmed that omaka classic cars will be open for us. It's a $10 entry fee. Plan is to meet at wow from 9.30am onwards. Leave around 10am and cruise to Picton via Queen Charlotte sounds. Lunch somewhere over there. Cruise out to Blenheim for the museum. Because of the late notice I'm happy to push this back another week if need be. Or is everyone happy with this Sunday? Chur!
  5. I think it's a good looking bus. Other than the charging issue it gave me it's pretty sound mechanically. I can confirm a few things on it. First and second gear are very well matched to get that thing up to 50k. I laughed when a Tiida decided to take the outside lane at the lights, along with about 4 other cars but then got out launched by some shitty bus. Tests have proven that it will do skids on gravel. Tests have also proven that it can and will go off the clock (indicated 125 kph). This is on flat ground too! Tests have also proven that if you drive for hours at night you need a survival suit to keep warm. But I'm sure some insulation and lining will block up a lot of the draughty holes.
  6. Not in my opinion. 4 doors for more whores! That's right.. I have to pay for it. I've always preferred 4 door over 2 door.
  7. Thanks. First euro for me, and I've quickly forgotten about the AE92 Corolla it replaced.
  8. Yea I did know they are borbets. Cheers though. It is a daily so I don't want it taking up too much of my spare time, in saying that a nice tight LSD wouldn't go astray.... and that's how it starts.
  9. I just noticed that on the blue car the lh high beam light is majorly otp. Can't stop looking at that now!
  10. I really don't like the wheels but will wait till something comes up. Preferably wheels like this...
  11. Being a 1990, in my mind it's not quite old enough for a full build thread. So in other projects it goes. I've brought a 1990 Bmw 320i for cheap to use as my daily. The last 2 owners are both members on here but a thread hasn't been made for it. Going through all the receipts, there has been a fair amount of work on this including swapping out the auto for a manual. New clutch at that time too! I've already managed to fix the heater fan going on full speed only, (resistor pack inside the heater box) which actually has an access panel on the firewall. Also by cleaning out the switch the passenger window now operates. Pics Tell me what a fool I am.
  12. Shit. This keeps slipping my mind. Everyone keen on a trip to picton? Fish and chips on the beach?
  13. He's not interested in buying and fitting that. He seriously means build the same kind of unit and then fit it.
  14. It's definitely worth a look. Last year I was well impressed with the old boy in his BDA Escort. Fuck he could drive! Let's face it, who doesn't like BDA induction in the mornings?
  15. I have 6.6 Litre V8 in a car that weighs more than the moon. I do not work out such minor details as fuel usage. Which would have been interesting I think. Original 2 barrel (with custom drilled jets g) vs 4 barrel spread bore holley and eldebrock manifold Vs When it goes back together with cam and ignition upgrades I do average about 245 smiles/gallon
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