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  1. Haha usual story! I don't mind modding my shifter, and was probably going to cut the sump down and give it wings anyway. The sump is fairly low as it is so I will feel better with more clearance. To be fair this car started life as a auto and I have no idea what getrag I have in there.
  2. I found this info bomb too. Seems to be a great source of information that covers all the bases. http://ns1.e30zone.net/e30zonewiki/index.php/Engine_Swap_-_M5x
  3. Last weekend I got this up to my place, many thanks to 1500-gt. Time to get the required parts together.
  4. How to tell that Dylan has been welding. Anyone that welds daily will feel my pain.
  5. It's based on a M20b25 but alpina change everything. Compression, camshafts, ported and polished, ecu etc etc etc. It really showed too!
  6. It was a quiet meet but still enjoyable as always. Belgrove Tavern's outside area is really quite surprising and cool. The wedges were delicious and well priced but they do need to up their coffee game. Thepog took me for a quick fang in his father's XKR which went well, felt great on the road and sounded amazing! But I do wonder how many engineers/hours it took to get that note just right. Not oldschool but tolerated because supercharger I actually missed Alex's post that he wasn't coming and we waited around in case any other Motueka people arrived. Then the e30 Alpina (one of 2 in the country), the lancer and the shitty e30 took off for a lovely cruise through the countryside. This quickly turned into e30 vs e30 countryside hooning,which was just awesome. Although the Alpina was winning the whole time... Pics! Chur!
  7. A rather rare e30 Alpina has confirmed attendance. It will show just how shitty mine is
  8. I say skip wow altogether and just meet at Belgrove tavern. Go from there after chips and drink. I think I will pop into the cars and coffee meet and suss it out
  9. To be fair belgrove has no sweet roads to it. Straight through from wow. What if we meet at belgrove, then those that want to can go for a cruise after? Say spooners, kohatu, tapawera then mot down the mot valley?
  10. Well it just so happens that I've put my name on a 140,000km E34 that resides in chch. M50B25! Twin cam goodness! So I'll be figuring out how to get that up to Nelson. Cheers 1500gt
  11. Well I do have 2 rb26dett turbos lying about the place
  12. So the other Friday I started her up to go to work, and while winding over I heard it miss just once. This was enough for me to think something was wrong. It was a cold morning so there was plenty of condensation/gas shit out the zorst,a good 10 min warm up, get in and go. A couple of Ks down the road and it drops a cylinder and becomes steam powered, cheeching like a champ out the Zorst Fuck Long story short. BHG/Cracked head Source very cheap engine off a friend in unknown condition and a cracked sump. Swapped that shit over and she's back in action. Although.... the replacement engine doesn't fill me with confidence, yes it runs fine but anyone here can tell that it's an engine that hasn't been loved. Under the rocker cover of the good bad engine (current runner) Under the rocker cover of the bad good engine (original with BHG) Go figure huh? So I think I'll be stripping the original and getting it going again, Hopefully its just the gasket. You called it Bart, but it's still a much better platform as a daily than a shitty corolla. On another note I also picked up a diff that will get welded. Pic
  13. It's fine. Because I know it leaks I literally refill it with any kind of oil that I have lying around. I may get it a new ram one day. Cool that's fine
  14. Sure do. It's a bit of a log but it works. Have you got a way to transport it?
  15. Sorry guys/girls I'm definitely not going. Woke up half way through the night with cold sweats, now crook as fuck. I was looking forward to this one too. Have a great day and I'm looking forward to the photos
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