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  1. Fixed. I don't think you could afford my "after hours" rate anyway
  2. Haha I'm only your bitch because your sad enough to pay me to be your bitch. The little dress I throw in for free
  3. So I thought that it would be a good idea to start a thread for max convoy action. Who is going at what time on Friday? Who needs a seat or equipment taken down/up? Possibly meet up with the wellington convoy somewhere? I will most likely be driving Slacker_sams Lada so I have spare seats and room for stuff if need be. Im happy to leave at anytime before 12. Thoughts? Ideas? Fetishes?
  4. Fuck I love hearing the turbo through the Zorst. Can't wait to hear it noting!
  5. Fuck! Shed modifications required! You also forgot to add in the dirt floor part
  6. I'm sure we can sort something. Iv reserved 10 spots at the show. More can be organized if necessary
  7. I'll give the guy a call about that too. See if we need to reserve a space etc
  8. 6th September: Classic & Collectable Show Day, hosted by the Rover Car Club Nelson (Inc) at Higgins Park, Pigeon Valley Steam Museum, Wakefield from 10am. All Classic vehicles welcome and usually over 300 catered for. $5 entry for car incl’ occupants. Morning and afternoon tea and a BBQ lunch available. Steam Museum rides, Transport Museum, Farming Museum, Saw Mill and of course many interesting vehicles. A great social meeting and a good time for the first run after the winter for many Classic Cars.
  9. Yet another quality meet, I really love how the Nelson region has so many great places to cruise to via sweet sweet roads. Tophouse Inn served good coffee and food, and has an interesting past. (google Tophouse tragedy) I was semi interested in this Honda, but then I realized it was auto.... and it was missing its tow hook cover All was cool until this duck turned up, taking away peoples choice, best paint, best styling and most slam. Our next meet will be at the Pigeon Valley steam museum to coincide with a car show there. Maybe we should get the South islands oldschool banner sent up?
  10. The humber hummer humbug won't be in a good enough state to take to this meet. So I'll just jump in with you Alex?
  11. I think I do like it de-bumpered, or Matty b all the chrome. Use cheap shit paint so it will wipe off easily with a little meths
  12. Come on Alex, you know that if our motorhome racing team is going to race fairly, they MUST be Hino EH700 powered. Otherwise we would get our ass's handed to us by a Volvo v10 turbo, stockcar carrying 11 meter monster
  13. Ok no problem, I will make up a plywood replica for it
  14. The timing just wasn't right for me to build a sleeper out of this, I was actually carjamming it to get its engine code to look at performance options when I noticed the picture was of the actual car, zoomed in for a better look and found the phone number... So stoked that it's going to its rightful owner, I'll be following this thread. What do you think about sending the drivers window glass down and I'll put that in before transportation?
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