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  1. Ha! photo proof that all anyone needs is a 4-AF powered Corolla. Maybe she spotted the custom tuned square exhaust and knew that I was serious. Really was a great day! I recommend bowls to anyone who hasn't tried it (even though I have poor ball handling skills) I've got a new camera and trying to get used to it so quite a few photos didn't quite come out right/missed cars or out of focus. Practice huh? Here is a couple of local cars some creepy guy in the bushes A visitor, and the crazy bowling green Thanks to all you fine folk.
  2. Excellent. I'll be bringing the dog so it will be easier to just take the shitty corolla over. See you all tomorrow!
  3. Jandlestomper is on nightshift so she's a no. I (SIDEWAYSICKNESS! Get it right for once alex!) will be at wow at around 9.45. Ready to leave at 10 ish. I may or may not be in the humber but if I am, anyone is welcome to jump in
  4. You forgot to mention that simply fitting a thermostat enabled the temperature gauge to read correctly for the first time in many years.
  5. I've just had a chat with Mark from the golden bay collectable car club. He will let his members know, so will more than likely end up with a few of those members
  6. You really think that anything that's skin tight on you, will fit me you fat bastard?
  7. I've told you before! I don't want to know about your dresses, fishnet stockings and feather boas!
  8. Of course not. In fact if I don't jump in with someone else, I too will be in my rocking rolla.
  9. Sounds great! Should we all get hold of full white bowls dress up? Could make for some great photos
  10. Have liked the page. I'll be keen to see how this goes, especially the "race" event
  11. Yes. More driving, and driving over an epic hill! Well.. shall we lock in a date for all of us to play with Alex's bowls? I'm thinking towards the end of the month.
  12. I was out in the dodge truck last night and there is a few cars that I haven't seen before. Which led to serious LTD withdrawal so I'll be in the shed this weekend.
  13. You asked in the right place. I'm not planning on going to the show and Alex isn't either but I will be taking part in tonight's cruise.
  14. Hi Footy, Great to have you along. There's not going to be anything to really set us apart from all the other sellers so it will be best if you wear a fluorescent jumpsuit so we know it's you. Alternatively you can keep an eye out for a Reco wrought iron work truck.
  15. ^^^ you know this is oldschool right? Slam is encouraged. Great log KC. I actually have a photo somewhere of this parked next to jandlestompers 145, I'll dredge it up sometime. Oh and hit me up for a sticker
  16. Wow! Your bathroom floor matches perfectly with my bus's bathroom wall! Awesome stuff guys. I've seen most of those pics and seen it all in real time too but it still amazes me to see the amount of work you two have done.
  17. Yes I was thinking about this today too. I've got a couple of bits and pieces I'm sure. I guess I'll also sort out the pallet of shit from work.
  18. Bitch that mill/drill and lathe better be fucken spotless when work starts! So must be the ram bypassing huh? Did you grab the spare from the snipe stash?
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