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  1. WOF dependant I would be keen to meet up at the pizza barn from Whangarei
  2. Cool, cheers for that, I will send him an email
  3. Looking great, just wondering where you got the front splitter from?
  4. smray

    Smray's 1970 MK1 Escort Project

    I probably should get better at updating this, it's been nearly two years. 20150502_160641 Currently this is how it looks, but it's soon gonna change again. It's geting new flares, a front air dam, and possibly rear ducktail spoiler 20141016_120907 20141016_122152 Been about a year since I painted it, pretty much got a bare bog respray. IMG_20140421_160556
  5. smray

    pedrac3rs 1985 AE85 Levin discussion

    Words cannot describe the level of awesome that this car has. Seriously envious of your fabrication and machining skills
  6. smray

    Whangarei meet 8 May 6pm

    Sounds good. If the Escort's wof spec I'll bring that, otherwise I may have to convince the old man to bring his Mini along
  7. smray

    Whangarei meet 8 May 6pm

    I'd be keen, depends when it is whether my escort will have a wof, but will come along either way.
  8. Just wondering if anyone would be keen for a meet/cruise to the beach one weekend, not sure if there's anyone who organizes this kinda stuff up here. I was thinking one Saturday if that suits everyone.
  9. Looking good! are you planning on certing and registering it when it's done?
  10. smray

    Smray's 1970 MK1 Escort Project

    Been a while since I updated this, Bought some high temp paint, so painted the back drums while I had the wheels off Polished the lip on the wheels Painted the manifold while I had it off to replace gaskets Flange which had exhaust leak Chopped the exhaust and welded a flexy join in: [ Exhaust back on the car Took it in for a tune, to find out why it wasn't running right, needed new points and condenser. Pulled the thermostat housing to check the thermostat, cause the auto choke was coming off to early, and found a crack in the thermostat housing so that had to go, also the thermostat was nowhere to be seen. Ordered a new thermostat housing, but couldn't find a thermostat clip in NZ so made one, I could only get a cortina housing which meant the top hose had to be modified, planning on running an electric fan anyway so put in a water temp adaptor to join two hoses work in progress shot of covering back panels, I still need to take some of the finished panels, and the one door card that I have made so far. Also have electric fan which I need to finish wiring and mounting. I'm sure there's some stuff I've missed as well
  11. smray

    Escortn's 74 Mk3 Cortina

    Looking good, will look even better when painted.
  12. smray

    Smray's 1970 MK1 Escort Project

    Here's a photo of the engine bay for anyone who's interested I also got the tacho mounted and wired in, and the fire extinguisher, and fixed the hole in the boot but forgot to take a photo of that.
  13. smray

    Smray's 1970 MK1 Escort Project

    Yeah, its the car that was in Tauranga. Basically the plan is to get it road legal, cruise around in it over summer, and then paint it, I'm going to leave the 1600 pinto in it for now engine wise. Apart from that I haven't really thought much about what I'm going to do to it once I have gotten it fully road legal and certed etc, cause there's a bit of work to get it to that point.
  14. smray

    Smray's 1970 MK1 Escort Project

    Thanks, I'm based in Whangarei.