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  1. Tear down. Few bits to weld up on the frame, and then just a real good clean up.
  2. spent the whole day reading this thread from start to finish in between pretending to work.. living the dream man, so inspiring
  3. New year's resolution YOLO go bucket racing, so pulled the trigger on this Suzuki NZ250 rolling frame set up for a Honda single. Going to chuck in a GL145 engine. Braap! http://instagram.com/brascoracing
  4. Found one more NOS tyre, chucked everything on, just need to put chain on and I'm away..
  5. Insane haul eh. so much gold..
  6. Instantly regretting cost-dictated colour scheme..
  7. Got a few bits from T Whites today, seat, grips, chain, and one NOS Raleigh Record 14 x 1 3/8" tyre!
  8. Unpacked the box it arrived in today, and this was everything laid out. Cleaned everything up slightly, and re-greased/replaced the bearings. Slapped it back together. Need some new tyres and tubes, a seat, some grips, and a new chain.
  9. Bought this on trademe last week. Raleigh RSW 14 It's just a scaled down version of the Raleigh 20 with 14" wheels.
  10. good turn out eh.. waterfront was rowdy yeah.. i cracked up when we were stopped, braaapping at the lights, and an old as grandma walks over to the side of the road with a big grin, and waves at everyone.. must have been a bad girl when she was young haha
  11. i'll be there, come say hi and hopefully my mate will have this done by sunday..
  12. Even might try some BMX bars..
  13. I'm open to ideas, something high to give my arms a bit of room.. keen on some windows prob..
  14. Haha ain't no prying shit outta my hoarding hands.. Buy that RD50 man! If it was up these ways I'd grab it for sure.
  15. Dang, I was going for classy! Wood it?
  16. SCARE!

    Nosco's C50

    Those bars are tight!
  17. Oh yeah, the box section is just for now. Will give it a lash of paint.. I'll figure out something better later.. was thinking of welding up some chain. edit: just picked up some 20x20mm galv box section $10.50 for a metre boom..
  18. You hoped wrong, making up some struts this week! I've got an XL100 for off road, and am building a SL100 for the beach too, so it ain't going there.. And even if I fucked it, I got a bunch of parts to replace shit
  19. I hacked the mangled rear guard off a bit, will leave it there with the standard brake light until I sort other things (get it going again), then I will get onto a side mount maybe.. I chucked a rack on (which holds a box of beers perfect, with room for a baseball bat, a skateboard, or even an extra ho if don't mind riding three-up). Mocked up the struts for the back too. 200mm eye to eye seems the go.. Will get some 20x20mm box section for those. Probably gonna make a little pillion pad type seat..
  20. I picked up my C50 on the weekend, complete with a rego.. lookin forward to a summer of no wofs!
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