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  1. Can anybody help me with what diff is in a old Hiace van Ive been looking at?

    Just picked up a diff out of an old Hilux  G142 code on the tag so G series 4.875 ratio 2 spider non lsd, easy.

    Looking at this Hiace and on the Tag under Trans/axle  it says  "UNIT.521."    and 0-12  further across from it.

    1980 model with an 18r in it

    Any help would be great cheers


  2. Long story short brought a couple of sprockets and a drive chain for one of these engines  off rockauto with plans to adapt to another toyota engine.Relocating oil pump on a 1gzfe using a lay shaft to make it a mid sump layout. Cheep as, no worries if doesnt work bit in looking into it I see that oil pump on these is timed too the crankshaft and I cant for the life of me find out why.  Its a trochoid design pump , Any suggestions, is there something im missing?

  3. Following with interest as have battled trying different places to get this done with not much success.

    Did watch a good video n YouTube of a chap restoring some old 50s/60s chrome plastic toys

    Some copper coat in a spray can, polish using buffer wheel and chromed using home electro plating kit.  Bit of experimenting needed on how to run cathode/anode wires around parts to get a nice even application of chrome.

    Finish was good but lost some of the detail I think from polishing the plastic with the buffing wheel


    Recon itd work well on car parts.light surrounds etc as not much detail

  4. Dunno if this is the right place to ask but here we go

    Got this old crown almost finished

    Jap import well need complying shortly

    100% stock, Whats the legalities/requirements for the seatbelts?

    Planning on fitting the originals, have  multiple sets and in decent condition for front and rear. Similar to falcon or holden design lap belts of the same era.

    Has suspect looking design where you can unclip the front belts and tuck the shoulder part of the strap up onto the hoodlining and it becomes a lap  belt only. I guess for aesthics being a coupe. All belts have toyota markings, date of manufacture and what ever standards they meet on there little tags sewn too them.

    Are these acceptable or well they need updating/oviously some sort of modern inertia belts going to be safer but meh



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  5. Finally got the car back from the upolsterers.

    Looks decent, got the boot done as well. Had a crack at covering the dash in vinyl which came out ok.  Want to get a proper moulded  remanufactured dashpad  but the dashboard place needs the steel frame to make a mould off which is a bit hard because its welded in so have to cut the bulkhead out of a car and take it to them for that to happen.  Otherwise  continue on with putting it back together





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  6. Anyone had any experience with  refurbishing steel chrome wheels.   Talked to old barry at chromers and they used to do plenty of them . Have to machine the  centre out, chrome  the barrel then reweld.  Not willing to touch now cause of the libility  welding wheels. Elite wheels in chch are happy enough to weld them but cant do the chroming.   Any suggestions welcome

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