Ash's 82 AA60 rina of rustic glory

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Motivation was definitely lacking this weekend and bugger all was done.

telling my self it's to cold for epoxi to cure properly haha

drew a crude wiring diagram.

was going to incorporate it into the factory stuff but CBF with that shit storm, also means if I got to sell the setup it's all complete and can literally bolt into any 4cyl car.

Picked up a fuse & relay box off Ali for 10-15 bucks from memory, seems well made.

thermo switch for the rad for $7.76

think I've got some relays and fuses from a car a wrecked so that'll save some $

just need a fan and rad, maybe use the Aw11 one for extra free bonus.

be sick to build the whole system for less then $500


fucking wheel bearings gone again. Going to get wheels rebalanced and a wheel alignment. If it happens again I'll haft to buy daily, piss' me off cause aside from that it's been a trooper of a daily




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Been fighting the weather this weekend, managed to get the boat cloth done.

resins mostly set now but I'll let it cure over tomorrow as well then paint it in that same black epoxi enamel I used on the underside and wheel well's

glad to get most of this chapter done, has a been a pain in the ass having to do it and put it back together everyday so I can get around.

have had the whole front end apart 4-5 times now.


started on the valance thing at the front. She's probably the worst panel on the car.


tidied up some other parts of the body too. Pretty keen to do panel and paint next..

unsure of what colour..


upgraded the the ground straps too and cleaned the metal and add some petroleum jelly. Battery's not holding its charge as well now it's colder






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