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  1. Looking good Kenny. Can't wait to see this thing hit the level of awesome like your other rides, You should put up some pictures/info of the rest of your collection!
  2. I like this, a lot!
  3. Added this sticker: Drove about 300 miles in preparation for beach hop, car ran flawlessly, drove to beach hop, car ran great again, after being here for a day or so, the want for a V8 has increased substantially, so watch this space once the weather is consistently bad enough for me to justify taking the car off the road until next summer,
  4. Cheers guys, was a bloody awesome feeling driving this round on Thursday, and it's a great feeling to have something I've built get legal
  5. Cheers guys been a lot of late nights and long weekends but stoked to have it legal!, yeah I saw that in the entry pack aye, will be driving it at legal height to be fair, don't want any new stickers haha!!
  6. Discuss here:
  7. Also her'es a few photos because I can
  8. So the above list was remedied..........mostly, I may have missed 2 of the outer seat belt bolts, when I re-positioned the brake line to stop it rubbing on the airbag it turn out that I had moved it right into the path of the bump stop, I thought i had created enough clearance between the Tyre and the lower shock mount (I had shortened it by around 20mm when i did the rework on the shock angles) but still wasn't quite enough it turned out, And while i had stopped the bags rubbing on the diff, there still wasn't enough clearance so needed to sort that, so I: put 2 new bolts in the outer seat belt lower mounts, made a new brake line that ran onto the rear of the diff, as the original line couldn't be manipulated any more with out risk of kinking the line, as per Clint's suggestion I flapped disc'd the remaining thread that was stuck out past the lower shock mount nut, and gave the lock stops a tweak, I flapped disc'd down the weld seam on the diff and created an angled shim to sit between the top rear bag mount to roll it forward, not only did this create the clearance I needed it actually means that the bag is on a better angle when its aired out, that resulted in this: which resulted in a compliance pass, which lead to: Which mean we could get this: Pretty happy made my goal of getting the car legal for beach hop with 6 days to spare (must be an oldschool record haha), going to rack up a few miles this weekend before we drive it to Whangamata, pretty F#cking stoked to be honest, it drives great, nice and smooth, feels less boat like than it used to with the springs in it so I'm calling it a win!!
  9. Cheers man, Haha to be honest I couldn't get it to hop myself. And when Cletus did it I don't think the wheels left the ground, however he wanted it slowed down, so slowed down it will be. Managed to cross 3 things off the list tonight, 1. I fitted the lock washers to the lower front suspension arms (it never had any fitted so I never thought to put some on, maybe some one in the ol US of A decided they weren't necessary haha) 2. I have secured the speakers (to be fair they were just sitting in the parcel tray, and I didn't even think about them haha) 3. I have slowed the front down, I ended up pulling the front airline pushlock fittings out of the valve block T and put a restrictor into them, haven't had a chance to test it yet as I have another fitting out of the tank to use as a sample to get the airline fittings i need to do the external fill point but the Id of the restrictor is basically about M5 so will see how that goes should get 3 more crossed off tomorrow!
  10. So this happened, nothing too major, and the smaller parts of the list should be done by the end of the week, leaving only sorting the rear airbags fouling on the diff/ brake line, and reworking the front shock mounts should sort 3 of the issues on the list, Guess there is a few more late nights and weekends in the garage,
  11. Cheers man. Everything has lock washers (except the air tank, so will see if I can remedy that tomorrow) im taking the car to work tomorrow so I can put it up on a hoist to give it a once over, and so it can have the wheel alignment for the cert done. Many nerves about the cert now haha
  12. So Cert is booked for the 13th Feb and I've been busy working on getting everything finished, All the Airlines have been secured every 300mm or less, ive fixed the leaky exhaust, just have a tailpipe extension to weld on, the biggest thing ive had to do is make my front shock mounts, I had to get a spacer machined up to space out the bottom mount as it would've fouled on the brake line mount, and for the upper mounts i got a bit of 2x2 box section, cut it diagonally length ways, boxed the top, and welded them into the car, ended up having to trim the leading gusset as on full drop the top of the shock body fouled (Simon from Airride NZ said he uses right angle and now i can see why haha Car is booked in for a Wheel alignment on friday so i think we are as set to go as i can be, will see what Cletus finds, and fix that too haha
  13. Dunno to be honest Simon at Airride nz said that they went that way around so I did it that way haha
  14. Cheers @jamie_nz, front shock mounts have yet to be done, the chap that did the floor pans has just done some remedial work on a 62 Impala that failed a cert and one of the things it failed on was the front shock mounts so hopefully I can pick his brain about them. Im running slam bags, RE-6 in the front and RE-7 in the rear. It's a very basic system. And due to the fact that it came with a 7 switch switch-box which had individual wheel control I've ended up wiring it up through relays so that i only have front up/down, rear up/down and all up/down which will be sweet for cert. got most of the interior in tonight. And have fixed the air leaks I was having problems with. But in doing so I have introduced another leak haha. Luckily it's a nice easy fix. Like me I said before make sure you put a build thread up when you get the car!
  15. Ok so I've read that people have been having issues with Photobucket but I thought that had been remedied. However I can't get my pictures to work