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  1. Had to work this morning so only half day on this: this cheeky wee shit was a recipe for wet carpet, right behind the wheel then I spotted this wheelarch becoming the engine bay
  2. It seemed like a scratchy day and I didn't achieve as much as previous days but it all counts. Seam sealed where needed and threw the door back on, couple of patches where the guard bolts on Going to be a laugh making this cunt again! HAZAH! Moved the car across and Got the drivers guard off and the sill is far far better! Guard it's-self not as bad as passengers but the brace and bottom is still cooned
  3. Thanks KK, I've just about drunk away the memories of the bodywork , lol. The box seems fine/stereo/I've got used to it now. But while donk is out I'd do the bearing..
  4. I got this golf lip for it, the valence I used had already had one on so I left the holes in when I painted it for this reason. it sits high, not hideous but I will lower it and see. That will change the angle too. i scrubbed clean and painted the sump yesterday
  5. I really hope the other side is better
  6. Folder showed up, one of those save barn special on trademe. Goes good for what it is. More again tomorrow
  7. That wasn't the plan! But yeah, your right. likely I'll pinch the branch car from work for a week so I can paint the engine bay and dial in the extractors while it's all apart and not have to rush it to drive to work on Monday like my usual missions with mine and wife's cars.
  8. when your mates on a big A series pine and has a bead blaster at work, pretty things happen
  9. Now I need to buy a sheet metal folder to make these parts decent. I only have a vice and a chunk of railway iron to form shapes but this being structural, I need it to be proper.
  10. and after doing battle with the welder all day I got fed up and left it there. Have a patch tacked into last picture.
  11. Pretty randomly our rep at work got to yarning with a codge who wanted rid of some Datsun stuff his son left in behind. $100 got me a set of new crow valve springs, 2 A12 heads and set of barely used valves and sparkie plugs. At least $300 worth realistically. Hoped one would have a rocker shaft cause all mine aren't quite 100% but alas. I also decided that cam bearings would be cheap insurance since mine weren't mint so got a set and a spare just in case but overthought it bitched out on installing them myself in case I wrecked the new cam soon after firing it up..they are buried inside the block, and scope for disaster is wide, so dropped the block and head off at reconditioners.
  12. I squashed a non-dominant finger yesterday so didn't weld rust like I was going to, instead felt light dutys included cleaning and engine stuff. Everything is cleaned, bolts are still soaking, Block is honed and painted, pistons spotless and new rings on, mate took my front cover away to bead blast. I'll likely throw the bearings in this week and button up crank. Also pulled the Mazda carbs apart and cleaned, came up good so now to bribe someone to fizz together a manifold. Cam and followers are away to be gooderized and head stripped for a skim to bump up compression a little.
  13. I'm all over it