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Baldies XC Falcon

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Went for quick drive up the road to turn it around, some more crud got in the fuel line and got some big leanpops during the 'u-turn'... fuel system is all getting redone so not too stressed. 3 year old fuel in a 43yr old tank was never going to run perfect.

But it fits.



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Went through the boot today, found a few gaskets and other bits and pieces i had stashed over the years.

Removed the carpet and ran a screwstick around the seams before waving the vacuum around and looking for speedholes.

Worse than i thought but still not as bad as it could be. Yet.

Still need to remove lights and bumper to get a better idea.

Soaking all nuts and bolts with crc before i start that fight.

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Bumper is off. So is the towbar which won't be going back on.

Rear corner chrome trim came off with minimal surprises, on one scaly section out of 8 screwholes so pretty happy with that.

Tail lights are giving me arseholes, nuts are siezed onto the nolongercaptive studs. And all my vicegrips are at work....

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Some carefull grinding sliced the nuts nicely. Lights out and quick brush off revealed some nasty shit.



A little bit in the bootlid.


But..... the channels are mint!20210821_151658_copy_2000x900.jpg.0b3f2cb3177011e63db63b4660422c8b.jpg


The scaly bit behind the chrome trim mentioned earlier. Barely a fleck in comparison.


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