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Just harrys auto shitbox v2000

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So @DoBro Jesus bought this car about a year ago off some old mate who had parked it up in 06 when it had a "blown headgasket" 

So jesse had a look over it replaced water pump cambelt and some other bits. We took the fuel tank out as it was pretty rusty inside and had it hot tanked and cleaned. Came out mint. Og fuel pump was coosed so a subaru one happened to be the same size so was used as a replacement. We got it running amd driving with some freeing up of brake caliper slides that were a bit stuck

The thing was happy as ran, well pulled string and shifted well. Untill it didnt......

Every time we drove it round the block it started shifting worse and worse to the point it was slipping so bad it was undriveable. A filter and fluid change was done and that made it better. Untill it wasnt again 

It subsequently got parked up for a while.


And this is where i bought it..


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Because it had trans problems the motor was due to come out.

And like all quality mitsubishi's the valve stem seals might as well have been made of granite. So i found a top end set to repalce some gaskets



fwd v6 are suuuper lame to work on. So many innacessable bolts 


Started pulling the trans down. Hoping to find something wrong with it. However the further in it got the more it found it was in near new condition

Replaced a bunch of seals and o rings as i went. Put it all back together without finding anything actually wrong with it so maybe it just had a blockage. Dunno ill find out i guess 



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Spent some time this arvo and went though appcos stock of hoses to find some the match. Got a couple that will work ok. Bittom hose is a awkward shape bit found one almost the same


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Got the cooling system all buttoned up. And filled it up and ran the motor up to temp.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd one of the frost plugs is leaking

Should be an easy one to get to once the front exhaust manifold manifols is off

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A while ago i bought a low kms one owner galant with a rekt motor. Was gonna scrap it but them i noticed the front brakes were pretty similar. Exacly similar i turns out


So i set to work this weekend amd swapped master cyclinder, front rotors, calipers, and flexi lines over for yhe frony brakes. Geting rid of the corroded siezed old calipers and dry cracked soft lines.

Now in have a functioning front brake system with what look like near new disksreceived_314523883357228.thumb.jpeg.d004862b764895d966561ce105fa4d8f.jpegreceived_3993563004000018.thumb.jpeg.4b32187a5658f9638898026019624553.jpeg


rears i was not so lucky with and everything is slighlty differnt. Will rekit the rear calipers and get new soft lines made up.

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Something that annoyed me with jt was the auto shifter is sloppy amd feels loose.

Spent way longer than i though removing the center console. Every piece of trim is screwed in with more screws than seems necessary. But got there in the end. Removed the shifter to find the bottom bush non existent. Will have to spin one up from acetal at work one evening


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