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MRWEST's 73 RX3 Coupe


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Managed to get a couple hours out in the shed this week and do some more test fitting of wheels and bits.

Got the guards back from the panelbeaters to test fit everything before they go into spritz.
They had cut and radius the front edge to clear 17s turning (they dont clear factory)

Test fit the 17x7.5 ZS and it fits perfectly with a spacer to clear strut etc.
Can fit a legal 195/40 R17 on it which is ideal.

The BBS not so great.
Its a 15x8 , test fit with the 195/50 Semi slick and it was way to big,
Thought i would chuck a normal road tyre back on with a 195/45 and hope that fits,
Turns out it kind of does with maximum camber but its not ideal probably got a bit too much poke still

Not sure what im going to do about this one, could possibly get new lips with half an inch less dish, this may fix it?
Need to ponder it a bit more cause i really want them to work, and they fit perfect on the back with either tyre.


Then managed to pick up the billet adaptor to fit the Wilwood Master cylinder so test fit that and the Wilwood Clutch Master,
Pretty happy how they look, will get the adaptor anodized black before final fitment.


All going to plan ill get some brake hard lines made this week to tick those off.
Off to blaster tomorrow to get the engine bay and boot floor blasted and epoxied.


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