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MRWEST's 73 RX3 Coupe


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Purchased a full rubber and seal kit for the car from Azhar so thats here ready for when it goes back together.

When i sold the 808 i had a pair of BBS RS in 15x11 with 5.5" dish and a pair of 15x8 with 3" dish which i kept for a rainy day.
Heres a pic of the 11 on the back of the RX3 for a laugh, shows how big the flares had to be to make them fit on the 808.


Anyway was browsing market place and stumbled across a set of 3.5" lip 30 hole BBS lips by chance.
A quick measure up and they look to be perfect once guards are rolled to fit on the rear with the narrowed diff.


Will give them a full recon, repowder coat centres, new hardware, full height hex centres and repolish lips once i decide on car colour.
Fit front and rear with basically next to no spacer so thats a bonus too.

I also found a set of mint 5x114.3 17x8.5 ROH Z'S. The 8.5" only came in 5 Stud AFAIK and have a huge dish compared to the 7.5" 4 stud versions.
Unsure if they will fit on the front but will definately work on the rear with a 4x114.3 to 5x114.3 adaptor spacer.
So will wait for these to get up from down south and i can work out what of these i will run front and rear and then get Toby to give a set a polish up.


Have decided to sell the SSR Mesh and the 5.5" BBS lips as im not going to be needing either of these any time soon and iv got too many wheels it seems haha.


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