Holden 6 HEI - weak spark

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So I fitted a after market copy of the blue electronic dizzy to my little 149, got the correct coil bosch hec716 12v feed to it. Still seems a bit hard to start and is not running that well seems flat under acceleration. Checked timing seems all ok.

Pulled a plug out and wound it over while earthing the plug, expected a big fat blue spark ie arc welding but it looks piss weak.

Anything else I've missed to make it all happen?

Is there a way to test the modules etc

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i would check it has 12v while it is running.

also what is the condition of the plugs and leads.

some aftermarket hei dizzy's are too good rotor phasing isn't right and not reliable.

i personally would be fitting a pertronix kit if your old points distributor is in good condition  

otherwise MSD or ICE ignition systems are good but spendy 

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I'm thinking this could be the problem but hope not! but yeah will check it's got 12v when running. Leads test out ok with a multimeter and look In good condition, have picked up some new plugs will open the gap up to 1.3mm as standard on the blue motor.


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