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Dio ZX AF35

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Only a small thing but makes difference. the screws have been replaced.

Please see  the photo NO.4 and you can confirm that the screw head and master cylinder case are at the same level which means

the cover doesn’t hold water and prevents getting rusted.





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replaced the auto choke.

1. remove 3 screws in the hamlet case 

2. remove the oil tank cap

3. remove 2 screws on the auto-choke and the steel plate.

4. pull the coupler for the auto- choke

5. you can now remove  the auto- choke


Yes the bike goes much better than before. I know I still need to adjust the SJ as the engine is running rich when it’s cold,

but can’t  be bothered.Ride it for a while and it gets smoother:badgrin:








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my project was completed. Yes I think so.

I intended to get new plastics, but my circumstances have changed and I need to stop myself spending money!!

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Photo NO.1 SERVICE AT 4000KM

Photo NO.2 SERVICE AT 10000KM

Photo NO.3 current ODO AT 13Km. Possibly this Odometer has been ‘ around the clock ‘ 2 times?

She is 22 year old, but Thanks to HONDA ! They still make most of her parts like

13110-GBL-020 piston

13110-GBL-010 piston rings

13111-GZ0-000 piston pin

13115-156-000 piston circlip





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Thank you:) I am based in Queenstown! yes, I would like to join that group, but I need to sell this beauty as my circumstances changed:(

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