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Anglia4's Austin 7 Ruby

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So armed with a few trolley jacks, stands and a couple of lengths of pipe we got stuck in one day and cleared the path. 

We jacked up the car using the bits of pipe, getting ready for my plan of lifting up to roll a trailer underneath.

Once it was up a gave one of the wheels a bit of a kick and the bloody thing turned! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The last car we dragged out of this shed, which had been there half as long, needed big long bars, oxy-heat, dragging round and round the paddock etc etc to get the wheels to turn. And it had even been off the ground on blocks.


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I managed to have a bit more of a tinker the other night.

These don't have an oil filter as such, instead they have a wire gauze under the crank to filter the oil as it drops into the sump. So to clean this you have to whip the sump off.

Unfortunately... The bastard sump catches on the chassis rails by about 3mm in the front corners, so to get it off the studs I had to lift the engine off its mounts... And to get that to lift high enough I had to lift the radiator off its mounts... Then the crank handle fouled on the grill... And the number plate was in the way... you get where I'm going with this.....

Once I managed to get the sump off I called it a night for that job, I'll pull the gauze another time and finish it.

Having done battle with that I thought I'd tackle a nice easy "feel good" project, like fitting the new wheels and tires.......



Turns out there is more than one wheel size for A7 Ruby's

Does anyone want to buy a set of 4 brand new 19" tires, tubes and rim tape? :doubt: (or swap for 16"...)

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