Beans.101 1970 mk1 Escort

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I bought some quarter bumpers two from the back of a van so they where both just painted. I rung around trying to find out how much it was going to cost to re chrome them. I had some over the phone quotes of around $300-$350 so when the chap that sold me the two van rear bumpers had a single chromed bumper for $40 i jumped on it. Then id only need to get one of my van unchromed bumpers chromed. Here's a pic of one of the painted fear van bumpers


So I put the van bumper in our acid bath at work and whiched stripped the paint off. It had a small crease in it where the bumper bracket had been pushed into it. So I hammered that out the best I could.



I then took this down to Christchurch Metal Finishers and was surprised when I was only quoted $40 to re chrome this. The reason for it being cheaper than my phone quotes was that it didn't need to be de chromed and was prepped and ready to go straight in the baths.

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Finished result. Bumper on the right is the one that has just been re chromed.


Also with the virus stopping work my escort is off to get its rust cut out. I have built a engine for a chap that is sorting my rust in return. He's not working so he said if I can get it to him he'd have a crack at the rust over the next 4 weeks. So I shoot into palmside for a front panel and some new front floor panels.



Also bought a Pipercross air cleaner while I was at Palmside.





Escort loaded up. Once I dropped it off I removed the passenger door. It has a few creases in it so I have a project to keep me entertained trying to straighten that out. I also have to fit new guards to my car transporter. I mounted the set on it at the moment too close. So the next set will have more clearance, but I still want to be able to open the doors of the vehicle once loaded. 


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