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The roof is the door and it is damaged, it lifts up via hydraulics which looks like it was disconnected at some stage.

There is a big switch in the drivers side, on the other side of the panel inside the body there is this:



Which leads to this blurry ram jobby:




And at the back on the car by the engine is this pump, with disconnected hose:IMG_2156.jpg.05e47288723a58cc37049ce6afd917c1.jpg


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Haven't heard anything from Stephen Fleming but it's not really a rush and she did say he is very busy. Maybe I'll ring in a week or two.

Tried cranking it over with the wifes car running and connected the to battery cables at the front of the Eureka. Touch cut wires of dash and it turns over with the starter (previously had battery jumper leads directly on the starter). Still sluggish, so maybe the starter needs a rebuild.

Tested and found no spark, had it turning over with wifes car and spare battery connected to the coil. I'll take the distributor out and see what I find.

Having silly thoughts of an all aluminium KLZE 2.5L v6 and ITB's sticking out the bonnet. 

Or maybe bike carb's on the Kent after getting it running on the DCOE 42.

Depends on whether I need to go through a cert or not (what paper work I can get, if any).

The V6 just suits the car I reckon. But the kent is 'original'....but heavy and half the power.

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Hadn't heard from Stephen so gave him a call just now on the number his wife/partner gave me a few months ago, had a good chat and he said to give him a couple of weeks and he'll see what he can find. 

Other than that I haven't pulled the distributor off yet, its winter and its outside. Need more garage space haha.

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