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The roof is the door and it is damaged, it lifts up via hydraulics which looks like it was disconnected at some stage.

There is a big switch in the drivers side, on the other side of the panel inside the body there is this:



Which leads to this blurry ram jobby:




And at the back on the car by the engine is this pump, with disconnected hose:IMG_2156.jpg.05e47288723a58cc37049ce6afd917c1.jpg


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Spent a bit of time checking it over.

Under the rocker cover its super clean, no build up at all:



Took the weber apart, fully expecting to see disintegrated brass dust and gunked up crap but look at it, it looks barely used! A little bit of dust at the bottom but that vacuumed out easily.


The floats look new:



Throttle plates move fine, a bit carboned up intake:


Under the ramflow element is a bit rusty but nothing major. Definitely needs new foam though.



Took the mild steel radiator hose tubes off, the top hose isn't too bad inside but the bottom one is stuffed. I'll make something to replace it.

This brass outlet has turned to dust though, looks like it must be for the heater:


The inside of the hose is a solid blockage of brass corrosion dust?



Sprayed some more CRC into the spark plug holes again to let it soak while looking at the above then connected a battery straight to the starter and it bloody cranks over smoothly now!

And the starter works, its pretty rusty but looks to work fine. The battery I used is a bit weak but it worked, crazy.


I then flushed water though the engine block, it came out clean surprisingly. 

The radiator had some rust-mud in the bottom which looks like the remains of that badly rusted bottom hose. 


It fckn turns over with the starter!

I wonder what the fuel tank looks like inside? ...not expecting it to be good.






Anyone know what this number means? I already know/think its a 'sport/GT spec' based on the L3 stamp but not sure what this means.



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