Tortron's 62 minor

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The more I look at this, the less faith I have in the last owner.

His chassis repair is just awful. Crusty welds aside, he's double welded over the rusty sections where the suspension mounts to. The idea was obviously to keep these key points in the right spots. However he's not braced anything and the two lower suspension pins are totally on the piss.

There has been a front end prang and the engine bay tie plates and rhs inner wing are kinda rippled. Can only assume that the bumper mounts are not in line either.

Why is this a concern?

Because I'm building a factory style chassis repair jig. It mounts to - the chassis suspension mount tubes, the engine mount bolt holes, and the bumper mounts.

That's ok though? Don't you still have the shock mountings to base it off?


No. He's also cut the LHS section out and not only welded it back in a few mm further back than it should be, it's also cocked on an angle.

At a guess the bolts got stuck or something so it got cut out to free them up? 

Anyway this all equates to a front end that's totally on the piss and probably not worth my time to fix.








So I went ahead and bought everything I need to fix it...


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