Sams MkII Mini

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Handful of jobs done this week....

Small spot of rust in the boot that needed a wee patch.

One of the previous owners had done a patch in the spare wheel well but only stich/spot welded it in, couldn't deal with it so went round the whole thing.  A new battery box has been made for it also, its ok but a tad on the rough side.  Debating if I drill the spot welds on the one out of the yellow car (its good in that area for some reason...) and repair it back to factory....


Pulled the doors, they will need some slight work arround the hinge bolts etc.


Floor pan has had a bash, needs some work.  



Probably another week worth of work and then I can sand the lot back ready for paint.   

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Bit more work done.

Lower skin is complete, got to use a new set of toys


The lower part of the frame also needed a new section, made this with my folder and via clamping it to my bench with some RHS and folding it over.


The corner of this boot has been given a bit of a shunt and was full of bog, was able to pull it out a bit so it wasnt too bad, kind of difficult as you cant get to the back of the panel... welded up those extra holes too



The removable panels are now done, have a bit of work to do on the body including a patch for the tunnel.  I see a couple of other patches in this area from previous work - assume to be part of mating a honda drivetrain (which is what this was previously set up as, not sure how much more work will be needed to  return it back to std. 



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Ok so I bought just one more.... (was too cheap to pass up....)


This is best described as rust held together by paint


A lone fern had been able to propogate itself in the back seat.


It does however have the subframe in it which I need, plus a rear bumper and a handful of other parts.  The running gear might be marginally better to rebuild than the yellow one also.


A bonus was finding this 1970s accessory goodness - clip on headrest


Work on the green shell continues, time for filler and I have a kit of 2k primer ready to goIMG_4686.JPG.4dd5ae945d73bc6fa4f02eaa1160a07e.JPG


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It was sunny, so I painted...


Getting ready for assembly, I need to pull the cones to replace with some better ones I have here.  Also, found a set of new shocks that I received from somewhere.... #biwinnning



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Subframe in and it fits like a glove - way bigger deal than it should be since i mocked my front end graft repair with one of the later subframes which doesnt have the correct floor mounts for the earlier type. 

Need to strip the rest off the yellow shell I have and fit up the brakes next.


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Not heaps to show with what I've been doing.... been building all the brakes/hubs up with the best used components I've sourced off these parts cars.  At least I have now got it rolling....

I've bought another project so this will definately be for sale when complete....



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Still doing this... More on the mechanicals....

Bought a valve seat cutter, refreshed the head.  Inc new stem seals.


Rough hone out of the cylinders.


And start of the rebuild.... unfortunately I could only save 3x of the std 998 pistons so I'm on the hunt for another one.  Its proving difficult...


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