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Meg and Adam's '84 RX7 of crispy doritos

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Hi all, 

We weren't back in the UK long before everything got a bit daft. The Starlet arrived from NZ, and Meg started craving a project car of her own. This popped up about an hour away from us, on FB marketplace. Low mileage, UK market S3 FB that had been (garaged) off the road for 12 years, following an MOT failure for rust (obviously).

Here, have the shit picture that made me drive out to see it.



Allegedly a runner, the chap couldn't get it running when I arrived. Had some nasty areas of rot, particularly on inner/outer sills, and some annoyingly crusty non-structural cosmetic holes, but the majority of it was not to bad for a UK-living 80's japper. 

Paid 1500pounds for it to be delivered to my door, and the detective work began.

Body - tired and sad, but has potential.

Interior - mint (brown velour!)

Engine - managed to get it running nicely from a 12v pump/jerry can. Either needs a fuel pump or just filters changing. Result.

Driveline - unknown, seems to work at low speed

Brakes - fucked

Suspension - probably quite fucked

Wheels + tyres - bent and perished, respectively.



Repair rust, fix brakes, fix fuel system, weld on coilovers or superlows, doorts.


A few months pass


Current progress:

Meg loves rx7



Remove bad, add good



Valance back on



Fixed some pinholes in tank, rust repairing this week, outside protected



More to follow.

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