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WTD - Some help to clean up wiring - Hamilton

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Just putting this out there. Is there anyone in Hamilton who's good at automotive electrical stuff who might be keen to come to my house and sort out this birds nest of wiring for the lights?

There's 4 relays set up both for the headlights and the spotlights and I thought I could just remove the 2 relays for the spotlights, but it seems it's not that simple as they're also wired in to the headlights and I'm a bit lost.

Happy to pay with your favourite beverage, or cash if you can help me :)

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24 minutes ago, tortron said:

Why would you want to get rid of the relay for the spotlights? They have a switch feed from the highbeams so they only come on when high beam is on

Yeah I thought this might be the case but I remember them being on when I was driving through town, so I don't think they only come on with high beams, or it's broken. There is a manual power switch inside the cabin.

I want to remove them for now because I've just had theĀ front bumper painted and it looks so clean without the spotlights, so I want to get rid of the messy wiring with them.

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