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Bit more progress, have built the intake pipes and mounts to get the filters where I want them. The filters replace the fog lights and sit in the front bumper so should give nice cold air, but building the brackets to get them to sit in the right place was super fiddly, hope I never prang the front end as everything is just so...


Being low to the ground I also wanted to shield the filters from dust/splash back from the front wheels so I picked up a couple of $10 mini rubbish bins and cut to suit, they made nice little cowls and there are decently strong with three anchorage points to the old fog light mounts. 




3" intake pipes come directly off the turbos, are mild steel so will coat with something, maybe the same coating used for the headers (Cermakrome). I plastidipped the chrome ring of these filters but forgot to do the chrome button inside, may yet do that also as wanted these to only be noticeable to the trained eye...




Mounted the pipes and rolled the ute outa the shed for the first time in a year to take some glamour pics, hoping it will help with motivation (which is pretty low). See what I mean re chrome 'button'? Whaddya reckon leave as contrast or black out?




This pic shows there is progress at least, can also see the new rad I bought for it. Bought the radiator based on being the right width, and relatively short as will be using a dual in single centre out intercooler so the TB pipe will need to go over the top of the radiator. Rad is supposedly for JZ converted S13s so Im hoping its gonna cool OK, either way is definitely shiny enough...





EDIT > Filter pic with BJ for more Oldschool love




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23 hours ago, tortron said:

I would not only black it out. But I would get the foglamp covers and drill them out in a mesh style to totally cover them


You mean drill out these things?




Got a bit more done today.

Have been looking at the driveshaft bearing hanger mounts and thinking they need some added strength. Not sure if they were just a bit misshapen outa the factory or the last engine moved them around but they were definitely a bit bent outa shape. If the latter then was gonna get a lot worse with the new engine setup, so straightened up anded some more steel.

Before and after below, added a big piece of 5mm plate to the front side of the mounts which ties them together and boxes them in and also some 10mm bar either side to stop lateral movement. About 10x stronger now Id say, I dont have a hoist so this was confined upside down tig action so pretty tricky welding








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Hard to get motivated when its winter and the shed is cold and wet. Did a bit of welding today though...

Been eyeing up twin turbo intercoolers and the one that I wanted is only available out of the US, so was going to be spenny to buy and then get it here. Then miraculously one came up on trademe so snapped it up. Is 3.5" thick and fits well width wise, though most of it is gonna sit behind the bumper with only about 1/3rd of the core in direct airflow. Hopefully will still work OK given its supposed to flow up to 1300hp. 




Needed to change the outlet position to point directly at TB, bought a 3.5" cast elbrow (aliexpress special) and managed to get the old one cutoff and new outlet grafted on there. 






Anyone ever experimented with fans for intercoolers? Could potentially get a few small fans on the back side of the intercooler for the bit thats behind the bumper, wondering if itd make much difference tho

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This thing continues to inch forward.

Have the intercooler mounted and pipes built. Have also done a few other things including mounting a remote radiator reservoir (since rad sits low), and modded this rad support/ crossmember thingee as wanted to get the intercooler as high as possible and throttle body pipe runs straight through.


Ended up getting bit more than half of the intercooler in air flow with the grill fitted up, 2/3rds without. Happy with that outcome as with the tanks at top and bottom was pretty hard to achieve


And here's what it looks like with grill and bonnet on, keen to paint it I think so is more sleeper/less moustache


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Been tossing up whether to keep the drive by wire setup or go to a cable throttle body. Was going to have to make a cable bracket or retrofit Chevy gas pedal either way, but making the pedal work looked like it was going to be hard given the shape of the foot well so decided to go manual style.

Bought a not stupidly expensive but better than the generic super shit billet throttle bodies that are all over eBay. Bit bigger than what it is replacing too, throttle plate on the new one is 92mm.

Made a shiny stainless bracket today and one more thing ticked off the list...



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