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Evel's 1969 Mk1 Escort

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Beatrix and the Datsun have been looking after themselves for wee while while I finish my apprenticeship and do some track day planning. 

Today I got into pulling apart the rear end so I can get it all blasted and painted this week


With any sort of luck my box from Burtons will turn up this week and the reassembly can begin.


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Got some work done over the break. Painted up the diff, front legs and a few bits and pieces. 


Also brought a Quaife ATB from Palmside and installed that while everything was apart


Up next will be trying to work out why the brakes are so horrible. Iv replaced the rear cylinders and shoes so Im guessing the front calipers are all seized up or the master cylinder is the wrong size. Or a combination of the two.

Happy New Years all!!

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Played with the front brakes today. With max air from the duster gun not one of the four pistons would move, so safe to say they are seized up.

Bit of CRC and some freeze and release and I managed to get them all apart. The pistons are in pretty good condition so I gave them a wipe and slammed them all back together. Will get a seal kit this week and do it properly next weekend. 


Bled the brakes up and WOOHOO it has brakes! I was so excited I drove it to the petrol station, and of course ran out of fuel on the way...:rolleyes:

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Heaved the old lug out on Saturday, such an easy job!


The engine will be off to Hitech Motorsport this week to get a new lease on life. Also shot off to the garage sale at Halliday Racing in Managawai today and managed to score one of their snazzy as rocker covers. Don't know now if I should paint it or leave it raw?  


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