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Evel's 1969 Mk1 Escort

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Walking around the Kumeu car show 2015, the old man was telling how one of his mates at work had two Escorts he wanted to sell, a Mk4 convertible and a Mk1. But seeing as I was knuckle deep into turbocharging my MX5 at the time I merely shrugged it off as I didn't have anywhere to keep another project.

Two years down the line I was eating a tuna steak at The Esplanade in Devonport and all of a sudden "Boy, remember that Escort I told you about a few years ago, would you like to go and see it after lunch?" "Sure why not".... you can work out the rest


Beatrix is a November build 1969 Ford Escort 1300 Sport assembled in Lower Hutt. When I brought her in March she hadn't run for about 15 years and her rego has lapsed. I got the engine going with a bit of fresh fuel and some new plugs and did a few laps around the block. I then pulled her apart to have a look at what we got and got a few good surprises,


Some spring adjustable front shocks


4 pot AP racing front calipers


a 711M 1600 block

and the biggest surprise apart from the battery tray, no real rust to speak of. 


The plan at the moment is,

  • rebuild/replace all that's perished over the years of sitting still.
  • Rebuild the engine.
  • Reregister her.
  • Replace the seats with something less offensive.
  • Repaint it back to its stock color, Ford Diamond Blue.
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Took the diff out


And built a little stand for it. Wheels for the stand to come.

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Finished the stand


Some noise makers turned up 



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