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Right, so i haven't been that great at keeping up to date and getting pictures but LARGE UPDATE TIME.

The motor is in, with no issues getting it in except a pin the the rear flywheel being missing it all went to plan.



After purchasing the needed parts we started it for the first time. Running on 95 it started and ran after having to get a small block out of the fuel line. After starting it and realizing that there was no temperature gauge nor indicator i went and purchased a oil pressure gauge and water temp. I have them placed currently like this but i am thinking of moving the oil pressure next to the water temp after i buy a new line for it. Ive had a few small leaks which ive fixed but still have an ongoing fuel leak. Ill have to buy some smaller line.





The window was smashed by the previous owner so i replaced that with the help of dad and it is now water tight and able to be locked.

Next on the list is to fix a small amount of rust in the inner guard, fix the bottom front indicator (Replace the wire) and fix the exhaust leaks/rust holes. It should go throught for its first attempt on Wednesday.







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Tings didn't quite go to plan today, everything seemed in order to get it all legal and get a WOF on it. Sadly this had a few issues. First off the car wouldn't start, with a little bit of pressuasion i got it to go. Secondly it had a flat tire, that i was prepared for and had a pump to pump it up. And thirdly it was coughing and spluttering the whole time and in the end died on the side of the road. The started jammed and i had to call it. She was towed home and now i have to figure out where to go from here.

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Have since taken a break from the car and regained enough motivation to get back into it. With the Kaikoura hop coming up its the perfect time too. Both the Viva and the KE20 will be driven up there in the  hope they both make it! Since the last update not a whole lot has been done. The fix for it running badly was very simple and purely the car over fueling to heck because of the carb supplied by the previous owner. I have since put the original carb on it and it runs a treat. Next i will be getting it re-ready for a warrant hopefully this week.

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Finally, its running properly and now its finally legal. Registered and warrented today. Put in last week and it was failed on:

- Wheels (to big, although under the gaurd) and tyres stretched on rim (rear)

-Front left and right upper balljoints

-Fuel Line


All really minor stuff that we fixed on the weekend and just borrowed some wheels for the day to get it through.


and legal:



and finally after getting it home, running the buff over it to get rid of the rust water marks to make it look more presentable. Definaltey noticable in person. Will be going over it again before the Kaikoura Hop.


I will now be looking at getting the front Valance painted in the blue and lowering it.

If anyone is going to the rocking wheels meet this weekend in Amberly i look forward to seeing you there.

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