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Pretty slow progress on the Red Rover. Spent the last few weekends sorting out my daily Rover with new brakes, hub seals and full service. 

Anyhow, started on rebuilding the front brakes on Red. Old discs were stuffed, very pitted and some of the brake lines were blocked as well as some very leaky hub seals and bad wheel bearings.  

Started by stripping them all down, big job cleaning it up!







So much grime! Great fun removing caliper bolts that haven't come off in who knows how long.

This week's job will be rebuilding the calipers and hubs with new seals and bearings. Then hopefully in the weekend installing them all with new rotors, pads and lines.

Also been trying to get to the bottom of why it seems to be down on power. Starts and idles fine but very rich and plugs are coming out very black. Replaced a torn diaphragm in one of the carbs but still no luck. Think I will just take it to a carb wizard to sort - I have heard Hitec Motorsports in Dury are good.


Any suggestions?

Looking forward to bolting nice shinny bits on next weekend.

Parts hauler is going well now. Wof passed and running well. Looks massive compared to the little Turbo City.



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Slow progress! I need to get more time to spend on this thing. Doesn't help another one I had stashed at my parents place in Canterbury has also turned up.



Back to Red. Brakes are all on, little spongy still. Might need another crack at bleeding.  I borrowed a polisher and got to work last Sunday. First time I have ever polished a car ha! Pretty amazed how the old paint came out. It's still shit, falling off in places and different colours in places but it has a sweet shine to it now! Makes me feel much better about the project. 


Also removed the vinyl on the C pillar. Last owner put it on to make it look like a later model. Super freaked out to what I might find behind the vinyl but I was pleasantly surprised. Paint is slightly different shade to the rest...






Looking at getting the original radiator rebuilt for it. It has had a few patches and repairs and some of the corner folds are leaking. Brad from Auto Radiators in Grey Lynn blew my mind with his radiator knowledge. Priced it at around $950. Ouch. I kinda want to do it, I kinda don't....




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Ok time to face the elephant in the room. RUST.  Range Rovers are great for hiding it under their exterior aluminium panels. I was hoping I could get it through a WOF with a few patches to the sills and the rear but more I think about it, more I want to do it properly. Hope to keep this truck for a long time. 








All carpet pulled out to see what lies benith. Front floors bit of mess, some nasty old sealer put over it. Rear floor will need both sides done as well as inner and outer sills and A Pillar. Fingers crossed the bulk head is ok. Doors and tail gates are solid so I am pretty stoked on that. 


Heat gun needed to remove all the old carpet residue from the paint. 


Doors solid, will get some replacement trim in the correct colour later on. Or pinch off my other one. 

Had some scary quotes from panel and paint places on the work, I would love to drop it there and get them to do it all but budget won't allow for that. I hope to dismantle as much of the truck as I can ( its a big Meccano set ). and deliver them bits to work on and then I reassemble... Looking at removing glass, a few other major bits and then the entire side frame can come off which holds most of the problem areas.  As per below.


Fuck it, he goes - whats the worst that can go wrong...? Lots of bagging and tagging bits. Wish me luck. 

(also keen to hear some recommendations in Auckland for the rust repair and bit of paint )


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Started on the strip down. Find some good and some bad but overall pretty good. Hoping to get it into Auto blast in the next month to give the chassis a clean up. 







Meanwhile the other one waits in the corner. 

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Update time! I have been chipping away removing more bits from the Range Rover. Trying to build up courage to remove the dashboard.







Hoping to have the body off the chassis soon then the chassis and drive components can go in for blasting and the body off to the panel beaters. (keen on some recommendations on places for this if you have any)  

Also came across a really good set of side frames. One NOS never used and one near new. This will sort the sills, rear floor and pillars.


End goal...




Also, to make matters worse, I sold the white one I had, which was supposed to free up some cash to spend on Red. But then I went and got another one... NZ new 1973 Suffix B in Bahama Gold (reg on hold woohoo!).

Buddy and his bobtailed one helping me move it. It has some massive V8, I think LS1. It didn't even know it was towing another.



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