Kelvin's 1985 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas EFI with Speedweeeeeeno

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The work started quickly. I dont mess around. The car had a really bad surge when i got it, especially at cruise, so i took a look into it.


The cause turned out to be the Throttle Position Sensor, so i whipped it apart and give it a tweak. It wasnt pretty after 30 years.



More details of how i did it are on my site.

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Heh, im ready for the inevitable breakdown in the dark. I bring you, DAYLIGHT!





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As i have mentioned here and there, one of the big draw cards for having the EFI model isnt just the awesomeness, but the fact that i can convert the car to run a Speeduino custom ECU. I build the Speeduino ages ago, well before i got the car, and have been waiting to get the project moving again.


With the car now in my possession, the Speeduino project is back on the boil and parts have been ordered. I will be removing the standard engine loom and making a custom loom with all new wire and plugs. I also intend to run a pair of Subaru coil packs and igniters in a wasted spark configuration. I havent quite worked out where i will mount them.


I have completed the initial wiring diagram sketch,


And will be building off that with a V2 sketch outlining all the connectors and where it will run in the engine bay. I also need to fuse the main power feed to the Speeduino.


I picked the enclosure for the Speeduino today. Has enough space for the boards, wiring and even the Bluetooth adaptor. Being plastic it should help with reception for Bluetooth too, although i may look at mounting that module outside the box. The wiring will come out the end of the box, once i decided which connector to use.


I have the new wiring for the harness on the way, along with all the weather proof connectors i could ever need. I just need to weld the WB02 sensor bung into the exhaust, buy and fit the trigger wheel/sensor, and make up a new intake pipe to bypass the AFM (and weld the bung for the IAT into that).

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Did some preliminary work for the stereo tonight.


Cut the plugs off the standard radio


Soldered them to the new radio harness


Note the two speakers connected to the harness. Fronts only here, the rears are powered by the same output via the factory fader control in the console.


Also tested the stereo bracket in the standard garnish. Looks mint, almost like it was made for it.


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Im having withdrawls from working on the Rover (due to recovery from my injury), so did some "boring" stuff. Put all the receipts i have into a spreadsheet, its a bit of a read.


Almost $15,000 in receipts, and thats from 41,000 miles back in 1989 to the current 77,700 miles. Thats not taking into account inflation, and im missing the first 20,000 miles of receipts in NZ. In that time its had two rear shocks, lots of spark plugs, couple of trans services, 3 power steering racks, two radiators, oh, and two complete engine rebuilds (cam, followers, pistons, rings, bearings, valves, seats etc). The first rebuild was 48,071M, the second was at 61,816M. The second one was was due to incorrect parts being used in the first one, like Holden cam followers instead of Rover ones.

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