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Mighty joe's XF Falcoon of filth.

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Got myself a new project tonight. 1988 XF falcon. 4.1, 3 on the tree. Cheers to XSSpeed for basically kicking me up the arse and getting me on with it. i startet looking at XH xr6's, always wanted a XD V8 so i'm kinda in the middle. 

canopy is going sooner rather than later, tints are already peeling themselves off which is great, bit of tinkering and see if she's a good daily. 


















Plenty of room in here for the future :D



Tidy Enough







I love the wheels, ok so they're not tridents and eagers, but i'll get there. 






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sos for no updates yet, i'm sure you're all desperately waiting to see how i'm getting on with a poxy falcon lol. its broke down, fixed itself, leaked about 4 litres of oil, leaked fuel an stuff, yeah, all usual shite.  

i've also got number 6 spark plug sitting at a mad angle in the head, yay! so that's a problem that's pissing me off cos i cant take it out unless i want to take the head off and fix that, massively uneconomical on a 330k engine that i don't really want anyway. but i'm hoping its gonna stick it out until i put something else in it, i'm wanting a clevo v8 now, we'll see. 


and yeah anyways, bought another falcon yesterday. I now have an XE bonnet, guards, bumpers and dashboards, so thats gonna happen too. did a deal with a mate so i bought it, take the XE bits i want, swap them out for my xf parts back to that one and he's bought it off me for same money. i'm calling that a win. cos i cant be fucked bits-and -piecing out the car, although there are loads of extras that i'm getting rid of anyways, doors, doorcards, guards, headers, etc, coming to a for sale post near you soon! 


took the canopy off and fitted a tonneau. much improvement. 



other car. 


















i'm going to build one good dash out o the two, and i love these clocks! so much nicer than the XF shite. rev counter and an oil pressure gauge too. sweet. 





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Got rid of the other one last weekend, hooked it up to an A frame and moved it at about 7am sunday morning lol. good times avoiding the law. but it got there, its not like there was anything left on it to fall off anyway officer! 




And, i bought some paint today. FAAK me i'm skint :(  haha. 


this is what $1200 looks like sitting on your garage floor. but its due a wof end of next week so hopefully it'll get through without anything terminal and i wont have wasted that much. we shall see. should be good fun over the christmas break though.  also picked up some XE headlights today, so im pretty sure thats all i need to build up the front end. 


paint, i'd better not kick these tins over lol. 






second hand goodness




this is the colour i've shosen. BMW sepang bronze. pretty much poo brown with a bronzy/gold metallic fleck. a few reasons i chose this, one, its a rare as fuck colour choice even on bm's and i like that fact. 2 it looks pretty tame around town but in the sunlight it pops real nice. 3 i think it'll suit the boxy shape of the falcon. and i'll try and keep the final look simple too to compliment it and show off the lines,  as in this colour and black trim. neat. tidy. modern. what yous all reckon? 







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Got a wof today, not so exciting but very nervous putting a relatively unknown 30 year old ford straight in for a wof. still. all good. Also, in day to day exciting things happening i won this for the starting bid of $50. (plus post, but we dont talk about that) i had to wait a week for it and was expecting some sharp shooting sniper to have a cheeky tinkle at the last second but nah. all good. she's mine. 




so this is the proper carb for the XF, a 34 ADM.  Mine has a stromberg on it at the moment, from an XD and earlier. its ok, but single barrel and a bit pants really. it also has a fuel weep underneath from (i think) the bottom of the pump jet. not enough to drip, but enough to be damp when you run your finger past it, so it has to go. once i've rebuilt the weber it should be a different car to drive again. she's gonna be mint mayte. so yeah, good times happening. now she's legal again for a while im ging to put the XE front on just after new years and then start prepping it for paint. 

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Pistureless update! sorry fullas. 


plans for the engine have changed. i'm still paying out for my cortina parts and really cant justify a V8 in this one. clevos are going for strong money and i cant afford or justify that for a daily at the moment so i'm gonna tweak the 4.1. 


i've got a replacement flexi plate cos i've stripped a tooth off mine and its a pain in the arse to keep getting out and rotating the engine by hand when it hits that 'sweet spot' and makes that wheeeaaaaa  noise when you try and start it haha. 

i've got a replacement alloy head that i'm going to get polished and maybe worked a little bit, but mostly just checked over, maybe skimmed a bit and a port polish. 

i bought a set of headers today 3-2-1. with 2.5" outlet flange. 

got the 34 adm to go on. 

gonna rip off the viscous clutch and run a set of e30 twin electric fans a mate has

and a cam. i'm thinking stage 2 or 3. so a tow cam.  that should all happen in a month if everything goes nice. then its onto paint prep. 

should give me a nice powerful but still massively useable daily. 

i'm also on the look out for an XG rear axle for the lsd and rear disks to show off behind my riyums!


thoughts and comments?   


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Been a while without an update on this. i've got into it over the easter wekend this far after collecting a few more parts. the head is still in the machine shop. spoke to a cam guy and once i pull my motor out i'm dropping that off to him and he'll regrind it and supply springs and lifters. 

yesterday i took off all the plastidip paint which wasn't quite as bad as i was expecting. it was tedious but if its a thick coat it pulls off like a balloon skin. 





i went in this morning to do the dash and start grinding back the trouble spots but stan turned up a day early so i ditched the dash job half way through and just got into that. 






Niiiice bit of bodgery there. masking tape under the bog. mmmmm. tasty. 




so after patching the passenger sill which was way better than the drivers side i kept grinding and finding more and more holes. rather than have a patchwork stan and i decided that i'll buy a set of outer sills and replace the lot. that way it also takes the guesswork out of the inner sills which we're still not sure about. i blew them out with an airline, and put as much rust converter in as i could but its still an unknown. although it'll set me back another week i'm happier knowing that it'll be 100% under there. 





Heading towards that goal! 



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Today i got the dash out, the XE is well different to the XF which is understandable tbh, but still annoying lol. gonna take some thinking to get it all to work. plenty have done it but theres fuck all in the way of info with regards to wiring diagrams etc that i can find, but i'll make it work.

spent most of the day then removing trim and getting the soggy sound deadening out with a heat gun and scraper. left it with some rust converter doing the good stuff. 

rubber mat, yum! 






bit of a score this i reckon. early bench seat. the later ones had the headrests integrated so it could be an XA/B/C / Fuckknows. but yeah. its in good nick .


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bit of a boring update, did the same as yesterday but in the fuel tank access panel..i took the tank out and was well chuffed to find it pretty good under there. few scabs but no holes. so, wire wheel, rust converter etc etc i'll chassis undercoat it in a few days once the rust converter has done its magic.  i need to get some sills asap, then the tank can go back in and it'll be running again cos its a heavy bitch to be pushing around. also a mate dropped off 2 more heater cores so i can hopefully plug and play with the dash now. we'll see but it looks heaps easier from what i can see. thats the plan this week to get that in and working. heres hoping. 




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another boring update sorry. i spent 6 hrs (yes really) dismantling, cleaning and reassembling a f**king heater box. i can't believe it took so long but hey. i took it apart to the last spring clip. i presswure tested the heater core and air con core. one of the heater cores was poked so im glad i did it. i cleaned and greased every solenoid and moving part and then tested the lot. i also took the fan motor apart, greased the shaft (easy) and cleaned the brushes. it comes in hard now. its literally the best heater fan i've ever heard.  its as good as new.  bit of a bogus and timewasting update granted but the workshop is still full with paid work so i cant get the falcon in again hoping to have tues to get the sills welded in. fingers crossed. 




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man i'm poked. managed to get the passenger sill on with massive help from Stan, the guys a legend i cant thank him enough. i still need to tidy up the ends but the strength is there. they're not bad repo panels either. theres a 5mm difference in one of the lines which is huge, granted, but somehow it doesn't look too bad when fitted.  









shut lines like a mercedes! 



this weekend we'll be back into it. 



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not an exciting update today, more cutting, welding and grinding. i made my first ever patches that weren't flat pieces today too. had mad fun doing it too, Stan would draw the outline of the piece he wanted on the steel, then i'd make the cardboard template, cut out the piece with a nibbler (crazy fun to use) and attempt to bend and hammer it into a shape that resembled the original before cutting out the rotten piece. Stan would look at it, frown, give it a few taps after me spending 20 minutes on it and it looking like shit, within 20 seconds he had a perfectly shaped panel. thats experience for you. I had awesome fun learning basics of how to shape, shrink and stretch though. inimal pictures too cos the day just flew but i'll take some more soon anyway.  she's looking like she might turn out alright after all. 







this picture really doesnt do justice to the work it took to rebuild the whole inner sill at the front, but most on here are far more skilled than me and know exactly the time and steps it takes anyway. plus with welding sparks and grinding dust all over the place i kept my camera across the workshop so it was a ballache to keep getting it. 


i wonder why this piece rotted out! 



also i've scored a sedan rear axle with lsd diff and disk brakes, i'm unsure out of what though. it was fitted to an XF sedan, did these come with rear disks? and i know i cant swap the whole thing over cos coil and leaf springs difference but does anyone know it i can swap the insides like for like? i havent started to look into it yet, but just after some info. 






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started on the other side today. i'm actually fed up now of finding more rust. i know its a ford but christ the way these are put together is nuts. the double skins, dirt and water traps,, and different channels and areas between panels that make no sense. anyway i'm just fed up of not being able to get to the part i want to fix in the first place yet! lol. i'm not going to work on it tomorrow i'm going up to hopefully remove an lsd rear disk axle. we shall see how that pans out. 



i made this side! came out well. 




proof we did this bit too! 


and with the front end welding finished i was able to give it a quick tidy up, etch prime any bare metal and then put stonechip on. 


it wont happen yet but i think i'm ready to fit the wings and align them for paint. progress! 


potato spec pics today sorry. til next week....

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ah shit man! 3 weeks without an update and a solid month since i did the other sill! shit man that went fast :(  had a day away from it cos i was poked, a weekend off due to family birthdays and other obligations and now here we are. 99.99999% of the welding is done. thanks buggery for that. its all done i think, but you just never know. 

Same old same old. small hole, make a big hole, no hole! 








its a bit frankenstein in the inner wheel well but i couldn't be fucked, neither could stan, its about 3 differnt pieces and its solid. thats all i want. ill grind it back and etch prime it and just spray on some schutz. its not a show car. its a daily ute, i have to keep reminding myself of that. the lip for the arch and the body line aren't finished. 


So yeah, thats the other side done, now i think she's all solid. those sill panels make a bloody nice job of it i have to say, $160 each and they only require a little bit of tinkering. i'm stoked for once. we had the drivers door and guard on and off a dozen times too but no photos of that this time, no need. 

once i've ground all that back i know there'll be a few holes etc to touch in and then its onto the bog work and other mind numbing stuffs. 


chur for reading about a boring (not quite old enough) ford! 


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Dashboard nightmares. I had too much head scratching over the heater box and after all the fucking around rebuilding the XE one i cant use it. so i stuck the xf one back in and i'll work out the vacuum lines later. wiring is another headscratcher too. theres 2 dash's. one with a crappy 'econoguage' and one with s pack clocks. so i'm building 1 good one out of the two. got a fair way into it, just still not sure if i'm gonna splice the xe dash into the xf loom where the multiplug are or run as much of the xf loom as poss and just use the XE switches. any thoughts or suggestions on this?

also did a few other small jobs that aren't really of note but it all helps. put the fuel tank back in too. 

I placed it in first cos i needed a cheap victory. awe ensued. 



Stripped the loom out, this is the one i dont want but the dash itself is much nicer. 



how i left it. 


fuel tank in, i put the lid on too, shame theres all that wasted space underneath. 


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