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Engine shutting down - fuel cut


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Hi Everyone.



I have an intermittant problem has been going on for a while, perhaps several issues have been at play.


On rare occasions the car would cut out completely and not start, or fire at all. When was in that state there was no fuel at the cylinders and the fuel pump not running. I could make the pump go with the test connector. It would always come right eventually so I've often thought the problem was solved after fixing some issue or another.


Oxgen sensor, fuel filter and air filter have been replaced.

The airflow meter was definitely not sending the right signals, it's been replaced

Fuel pressure regulator was replaced but apparently I didn't need to do that

Throttle position sensor is good

The igniter was suspect and has been replaced


i've been driving it quite a bit lately and thought all was good, but then engine cut out for moment - half a second or so - and carried on. That actually happened a few times in the past too. It hasn't cut out completely since replacing the igniter.


This hardly ever happens so it'll be hard to find through testing but maybe people with experience could suggest something.


This is the first time I've played with cars. I know very little but I'm reading a lot and learning slowly.

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a bit more info on make & model might help us help you , have had similar symptoms with crank angle sensors (both stand alone and part of disy) also dodgey wiring or connecters are worth checking for including/especially battery terminals and earths . sounds like you will learn heaps through the process ! good luck

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It's a 1980 Toyota Celica XX, the chassis is MA45, engine is an M-EU, and it has an automatic transmission.


Actually, I did just cleaned up the connections at the battery and the main earth to the body. Maybe that was it?
I'll guess I'll have to clock up some driving hours and see if it happens again but it'll be a long time before my faith is restored.


All the plastic connector plugs are quite brittle so little pieces sometimes break off when I unplug them. It would be good to have a range of new replacements on hand before I get too inquisitive with those. Is there a good place to get old Toyota connectors?

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