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  1. Did you find a gasket that worked? There's one here: http://www.butlerautomart.co.nz/our-range/Gaskets-seals/Head-gaskets-(hg)/Product-Specification-S1277K.aspx
  2. Everybody seems to agree about using a scope but I just wanted to point out that this EFI checker and this car are from the same year. (I know I'm going start annoying people if I keep banging on about this pointless and inferior piece of totally awesome retro techware.) The manual for the checker refers to the 4M-E engine and the MA46 model, not the ME-U and the MA45. My Toyota workshop manuals are also for the 4M-E engine and MA46 and they have instructions for using this EFI checker. Apart from the bore size, I don't know how different those 2 engines are. They seem very similar. The injection system looks identical to my ignorant eye. The same goes for MA45 v MA46 car models. Of course, I started this because the ECU has a different serial number and a different plug so clearly there ARE some differences. BTW How do you put photos into your posts? It tells me i'm not allowed.
  3. Hi Frosty and greatestben I think these cars came to NZ as 2nd hand imports that were originally built for the Japanese market. I have only seen a couple on trademe and they were the same as mine from what I could tell, but on eBay the most similar model described has a bigger engine. I think the manufacturers must try out variations and prototypes of the early models and sell them within their local markets (there might some that don't get developed any further than that). The factory issue parts could easily be from a Crown or other car. Thanks for looking into it Frosty, I'll see what I can find out with those serial numbers numbers you've posted.
  4. It's a 1980 Toyota Celica XX, the chassis is MA45, engine is an M-EU, and it has an automatic transmission. Actually, I did just cleaned up the connections at the battery and the main earth to the body. Maybe that was it? I'll guess I'll have to clock up some driving hours and see if it happens again but it'll be a long time before my faith is restored. All the plastic connector plugs are quite brittle so little pieces sometimes break off when I unplug them. It would be good to have a range of new replacements on hand before I get too inquisitive with those. Is there a good place to get old Toyota connectors?
  5. I've been mapping out the pins on this plug using the volt meter but I can only get so far. Where can I find a diagram for the pins on this ECU? The serial number is 89561-30041 There's a link to a photo above
  6. Hi Everyone. I have an intermittant problem has been going on for a while, perhaps several issues have been at play. On rare occasions the car would cut out completely and not start, or fire at all. When was in that state there was no fuel at the cylinders and the fuel pump not running. I could make the pump go with the test connector. It would always come right eventually so I've often thought the problem was solved after fixing some issue or another. Oxgen sensor, fuel filter and air filter have been replaced. The airflow meter was definitely not sending the right signals, it's been replaced Fuel pressure regulator was replaced but apparently I didn't need to do that Throttle position sensor is good The igniter was suspect and has been replaced i've been driving it quite a bit lately and thought all was good, but then engine cut out for moment - half a second or so - and carried on. That actually happened a few times in the past too. It hasn't cut out completely since replacing the igniter. This hardly ever happens so it'll be hard to find through testing but maybe people with experience could suggest something. This is the first time I've played with cars. I know very little but I'm reading a lot and learning slowly.
  7. Yeah I don't have a scope but I'm interested in the EFI checker anyway - I like it for the same silly reasons that I like my old car - so I still want to get that happening somehow. I'm going to start a new thread where we can talk about the car problem just in case anyone else wants to add anything to this one.
  8. I want to connect the EFI Checker to the ECU. (My car run's pretty well but I've had some intermittent problems.) The EFI checker is a Toyota device that you put into the circuit - between the ECU and the rest of the car. You would normally unplug the ECU and plug the ECU cable into the checker and plug the checker cable into the ECU and then run the car to check different things. The checker can tell you a few things about the signals coming in from the various engine sensors. It would be quite useful because this ECU was one of he first and it doesn't give any error codes or any other help in diagnosing problems. Unfortunately I can't hook it up because the plugs are different, and the pin configuration is different too. I'm not sure why it doesn't match what is shown in the Toyota manuals. I'd like to know if the ECU I have is unusual or from a different car.
  9. Hi Everyone I want to connect the ECU in my car to the old EFI Checker I found on Ebay. According to all the manuals, the plugs should match but they don't. The ECU serial number doesn't seem to show up on google or anywhere else yet. It would be great if I could find some more plugs and make an adaptor lead. Does anyone know here I could get some plugs like these? There are some photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskuFUhzr The car is a 1980 Celica XX, MA45, with M-EU engine. I'd really appreciate some new info info on this. Cheers!
  10. Hello, I wonder if any of you who commented on this thread are still around. I am also looking for the same igniter for a 1980 Celica XX. l've found these ones for sale, I haven't contacted the seller, but I wonder what you guys think. This one is new after market for US$422 http://toyheadauto.com/J-pegs/ignitor7981Celica.JPG and then there's this multiple spark version that's only US$239 http://toyheadauto.com/PerformancePages/PerPics/MSD6A.jpg My 1st choice would be a 2nd hand one that works. Is that sensible or do they include components that don't age well? my 2nd Choice would be the straight aftermarket one, but it's pretty expensive. I don't know if it's a good idea to get involved with the multi spark upgrade version. Will it create new problems?
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