piazzanoob's 1981 Toyota Starlet

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So this new toy started with my brother saying
"oh bro some dude from work is selling his kp starlet as he is going Aus and needs it gone"
Well i don't really need another toy but ive always had a thing for old kps so yeah ill have a look at it
so i left it with him to organize a time to view it
month goes by....
"bro you still wanna look at the kp"
yeah i told you organize a time and ill go see it
about another 2 weeks go by then he asks me again
"yeah bro organize it for tuesday"
Tuesday night comes its about 7pm and dark so i come prepared with a torch and as soon as i saw it i wanted it so the owner gives it a tow start as its got a dead battery and hasn't been running for 4 months so i go for a ride with him then go for a drive and yeah "goes hunnitz for wat it is bro" so had a look around found rust and bits that needed fixing so we agreed on a price and had to pick it up the next night as the owner was leaving for Aus on Friday morning so 10pm Wednesday night comes i come with a battery and some tools so i let the old owner start it as he said its a bit of a c**t to start takes him about 10 minutes to start which came apparent a couple days after owning it that the choke wasn't hooked up so money exchange hands drive it home to neighboring suburb papatoetoe to mangere East with no wof or rego with even a couple of laps round the block for my mate to drive.

So specs are 
4K 1.3 litre single cam engine with flat top pistons, balanced crank, lumpy cam unsure on spec, lighten flywheel, twin 40mm dellorto's
and high compression old owner got the motor out of a crashed rally car.

retrimed interior by the old owners mates mum 

painted yellow about 8 years ago

lowered on shorten shocks and dobi springs

with enkei j speed wheels with mint tread.

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So i took this vehicle into my work to get a Wof knowing full well it was going to fail as the exhaust was holding by a bit of wire tie that i had put on to stop the exhaust falling off And plus the old owner told me he always had got dodgy Wof's done on it.

so went into work and they were to busy to do it now so went and gave it a wash inside and out but had to do outside twice as it had been sitting outside for awhile and had gathered moss etc 


couple hours later got a inspection and ended up with this 




bit of a list but i told him where the rust was and other things that weren't up to wof standard.


couple pic's that i took in the workshop 


had done a couple of the repairs while i had it at work and also found some other bits that we had missed on the inspection but will do them anyway
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Had a quick look at the rust on the drivers door and after tapping around with a hammer i ended up with this



Now I just need to go buy myself a sandblaster as my old one the nozzle shit itself

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After looking at the door again I've decided it's a bit of a mission to fix as its double skin in areas

So I pulled the rest of the doors off to check weather they are repairable as well and have decided I'll try and find some not so rusty front doors and will repair the rears

With all the doors off what better way to go for a burn down the street and back right?

Here's a pic of proof I did


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Decided I would do some work to this and this had been bugging me since I've had the car that the rear brake drums were rusty which looked crap.

So I started by jacking it up removing wheels etc and I managed to get the left rear drum off but the right hand one wouldn't have a bar of it

I was smanging it as hard as I could with a big hammer with fully de adjusted brakes

So with oldschool post for ideas

Smanging it and heat was the answer

So I ended up using a propane torch and a drift and a big hammer.

Didn't get a photo of how bad they were before but I'm sure your imagination can paint a picture of them


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Decided I better update this thread

I haven't really done a lot on this regarding the rust repairs but I decided I would pull it apart a bit more

So now my mission is to fix the exhaust leak it had from the manifold


If you zoom into the picture you can see the big gap between the manifold and head


Which reviled this big leak


The reason that there was a exhaust leak was due to a buggered gasket manifold wasn't completely flat and that a couple of a exhaust studs weren't long enough to fit a flat washer on

So while I was at it I gave the surfaces a good facing so there will be no more leaks





Now I just need to get a couple of longer exhaust studs and a new inlet/exhaust gasket

And get a carb to manifold rubber gasket from Webber specs

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Update time

Gave my headers a bit of a clean up not that you see them but they were rusty so why not

Pulled out the grinder and chucked the wire wheel on it and gave it a wiz


Gave the headers a lick of VHT black in the best conditions the back of the can could tell me 10pm at night in the cold starting to drizzle and using a torch to see what the hell I was painting

And I'll keep thinking they turned out mint

Seriously bro they ended up mint


See mate there mint

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I had also started on repairing some of the rust in one one of the doors as they were a bit rusty

Ended up with a couple of patches but had to stop as I couldn't figure out what was metal and what was bog




As you can see in the photos these starlet doors contain 2 metal skins and from the factory they were not rust proofed between the two skins which when moisture attacks them it leaves a ugly mess like this

So what I've done to fix this issue is to use only one skin of metal through the repairs to reduce the comeback of rust but using thicker panel steel to still keep the strength.

So with those bits done I ended up sending my doors away to be sand blasted as my one at home couldn't remove the bog




I got both right hand doors done

And they ended up with less rust/holes that I thought they would have which is sweet

So now there just sitting there waiting for me to finish the rest of the cutting and patching

Thanks for reading

Chuck some ideas and tips through here chaps


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Have also been thinking about chucking some Gilmore pulleys on this as well just for the noise


Bit pricey but good quality so yeah

Yeah nah ?


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So I ended up getting my new exhaust gasket just after Christmas

And just ended up removing some of the exhaust studs that were too

Short and put them back in the opposite side as someone had put them

In on the long thread side.


Got inlet and exhaust fitted up all sweet with some new washers

And nuts

Then I thought I would get some new studs for the inlet/carb

Side along with some new nuts while waiting for Webber

Specs to open up again for my new carb gasket as mine

Had a torn in it and was missing the correct washers for it

So I started with shortening up my new studs so they would

Look nice and fit flush with the nuts etc

Then February came around and I received my

New gasket and then realised that I had not remembered

That the new gasket came with some rubber washers and

I had not allowed room on the studs for them so

I fucked up

And had to buy new studs again!


Then this happened

Now she's going and making

Dort noises as it should!

Also removed the rocker cover and

Gave it a bit of a polish up

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So plan is

Get bits and bobs off over a long course of time and paint or clean them up

Decided I would do the water pump pulley

So removed it gave it a clean up with a wire brush

Then applied some satin black with a couple of coats

And left overnight

Then fitted the next day with some new shiny bolts

And bam!


Was going to do the crank pulley and alternator but

Didn't have my rattle gun handy to remove them so

Will do them some other time.

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Thought I better start doing some real work done on this car

Like rust repairs

Started out by making some patches for one of the doors so they can

Be welded in


One of the tricks I found on how to create a radius

No screwdrivers were harmed in this event



Got my Ol mate Jim to keep me going





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Nothing much on this project car has been done for awhile apart from pull it apart more

and use it as shelve and storage cabin inside





FT dog telling me to get it done.

All of this is because it was stored in the car port then the carport became an enclosed garage so

we ended up having no proper space to do welding and grinding without setting fire to stuff.

And plus we have been building a new shed to put our shit in

mostly mine though

so now with our shed pretty much done the car should be making its way into the shed this weekend

and i shall get stuck in to finishing this heap  



on a brighter note all ive done is buy more parts too.

so i haven't completely done nothing 

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Well the starlet ended up getting the move this evening 

but not under its own power due to no radiator and a bit of a cunt to get started

had to jack the back up and pull it round to get it out as old shed hasn't got wide doors and fence is close by


Old shed



Into the new shed



When we have finished putting everything into and away in the shed the car will be moved into a more suitable loaction in the corner where its rust surgery will go underway

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With much more moving done into the shed i got a chance to move it into a better position and move all the stuff from inside it.

manage to do a couple little pieces drilled out rivets in the door etc


one door has all the patchs done but just needs a tidy up filling up the holes 

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progress is been slow on this thing but it hasn't stop me from buying more shit for it.

More door patch panels to be done


cut him out 


while making the patch panel i applied some rust kill to the below surface


this was a way i found to made a radius which worked okay



then welded in it

note my welding isnt the best but also doesn't help when you leave the gas turned off 

gave it a bit of a clean up 



I then made this bit here to be welded in to the bottom edge of the door


vice gripped it in place for welding


Now with that bit now done i applied some phosphate coating over the patch to prevent it from rusting.

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