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Yetchh's poorly '77 929 coupe

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I spoke a little bullshit above. I do have some more shots, pics from when I was selling it.. pic dumpage



have all the originals.. bugger I can't use the plates tho





had some guy pestering me to sell him the rear tail light garnish, got up to about 700







this is the only bad bit of rust bar the tire well and bottom corners of the boot rubber lip, its from where they stiched the rx4 panel back on and didn't proof it.. does anybody have a rust free tire well they want to sell me?




tire well





some cunt put a ding in the roof just before I took it out of storage.. must have been something fairly big to make a ding like that..





mmm brown..






some dash cracks.. take note of my awesome carpets haha.. dole spec









there you have it.. have to find an undercover parking spot for the 121 and then its all go..

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Did some stuff..







Prob the only bit of bog, regards Gary A Smith.. prob shouldn't say that, hmm




I might try and resurrect this engine, only had 40km on a rebuild.




Took these just to show you what I'm dealing with conditions wise in brotown.. this is just from the air out here.






Merry Easter..

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Took this bit out..







Basically stripped the engine bay.. been having some colour thoughts and I'm kind of keen to stay with BRG as opposed to going back factory bronze.. offsets the s/s bits nice...

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Gay, this one too.. opened up another photobucket account so should hopefully have no more issues..


Anyway have the engine bay a blast..




Stripped half the paint off, sanding the primer might have been a good idea.


Also documented all the rust.




Found a sneaky bit inside the wiper plenum passenger side, bit of a cunt to get to. Have to do a bit of choppy choppy just to get to it.




Drivers side just surface shit.




Pass front window drain, I guess this is a common issue?




Rear pass window trim clip mount, this actually snapped off about 1998, somehow the pin was still under there.. bit of a prick to reattach.






Both sides of the boot lip, fairly common and easy fix.






Also have to fix the passenger rear quarter as its of an early rx4 and mines the face lift, the rx4 being wider where the bumper sits won't let the later model trim sit flush.




Both sides of the a pillar, was always like this.. I now just have the tools to fix it. So these plus the tyre well and rear passenger sill to repair. Not too bad in the rust department, just very minor shit. Meant to buy some paint stripper this weekend but I forgot, just have to do it with the strip disc..

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In some other news, the rust that I thought was rust under the rear passenger sill


Has turned out not to be what I thought, just some lumpy spot welds disguising themselves as rust bubbles, which is fucken great..

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This was a bit of a cunt to get out, plug welded spot welds and brazing.. had to cut the brazing with a 1mm carbide bit on the dremel..


Got it in the end tho.


Might just cut the other before it gets to the brazing as it's the factory stuff and done better than the repaired side, plus there's no rust under there like the other side..


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Started stripping the passenger rear quarter today



Virgin steel,


and found stuff..




Needless to say I'm pretty disappointed. I actually had a nos quarter from Japan ordered but these monkeys wanted to go with this piece of shit panel, goes to show that even top end beaters are still wannabe plasterers at heart.. gonna have to cut it out and put new steel back there..

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Stripped the roof this arvo..





Already knew about this bog, didn't know I was bogging over bog tho.. have the original doors which are dead straight but a couple of rust issues along the bottom, nothing super horrific but they need a few hours work. Also have some other doors with just a couple of dings in them that could be more economical to use..


More Gary A Smith awesomeness..


Should look more like this,


Not sure what to do about that, may just epoxy back over it and try to forget it..

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Did a bit more on this..

Used a shit load of stripper on one door, shit just doesn't wanna come off..

Turns to sludge..


Got there in the end, sort of..


This hole randomly appeared in both sides, it's crazy, can look right through..


Did a bit more digging around ga smiths work..

It's ugly but it does the job and there's no rust, if the window was out I'd lead it, just have to settle for bog..


I remember this punch hole from when they fixed it, so much for welding a patch in, cunts..


When they put the window back in they just over filled everything with urethane,


Which resulted in this,


Just surface shit, but again, professionals. Anyway, I've dug out all the excess sealant from around the windows so I can clean it all up.. stripped the sills and took a peek inside and they're clean as a whistle which is good..

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Got myself some goodies..




Also found this in the pass footwell,




And yes that's a hole, directly related to this




 I'm gonna have to somehow disguise that repair for the re-vin, easy enough to fix, just a cunt. I'm glad I said this would theoretically be a simple  repaint and re-vin, turning out slightly more complicated.

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