Maxteds 1969 mazda B1500

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Manifold has had the extra piping cut off and plug welded, hole in the down pipe flange has been tapped and a bolt locktite in then cut of flush.



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Also hanger bearing swapped over, really hoping this gets rid of that vibration!


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gearbox is back in, 4.3 diff in, round port exhaust manifold on and new hanger bearing.

Drives so much nicer no rattles or whines from the gearbox now, so much quieter without the exhaust leak and the manifold, the hanger bearing has got rid of 90% of the vibration and the diff has dropped the revs down at 100ish enough to happily to sit on that (have a tacho to hook up and see what its doing).

will possibly get the driveshaft balanced next to see if can get rid of it completely, but it doesn't really bother me at all now.

have some near new 185r14c tyres I think might try on it to drop the revs slightly more and see what its like. 

would happily daily drive it now, flew through a wof yesterday to sit parked up for a month. 

hopefully over the next four weeks will tidy up the disc brake set up off the courier and get them ready to go on. might have a go at painting the dash now that Alex has plated the ugly hole that was cut in it. 

while it was up on the hoist for the wof I got a photo of the driveshaft line its slightly offset, anyone know if this is fine? I'm pretty sure I've seen other old cars with the tail shaft of the gearbox further offset from the diff than this but they may have been single piece driveshafts.


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slowly making a start on getting all the B1500 front ready to swap over in-between doing jobs around the house, starting to clean up the headlight surrounds and grill pieces ready to paint.

Will need to take some measurements of where the headlight bucket mounts and grill mounts are before removing them to clean up, also need to drag out the b1500 front guards and compare them to see if I can modify the b1600 ones to work with the indicators and headlight brow otherwise it won't be happening for awhile if need to use the other guards and paint them to match.

also cleaned up a spare steering column rubber thats in really good nick, will make a plug where the column shift shaft went, going to start trying to seal up the cabin and put grommets where needed before sound deaden the cab 






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