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Mofs 1979 Ford Escort Panel Van


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Front subframe and suspension in. Brake master in, and brake pipes made up and new brake hoses.



I have no idea how the routing of the oem brake pipes were, the ones that were in here were an absolute abortion and could not stay. I think I'm happy with how I got these to go. 

Gearbag painted. 


Engine next. 

How many days to Nats?

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Crisis averted.

Fitted the spare suzuki alternator, just had to swap/modify the pulley and lower mount. 

Also realized the wire for ignition to regulator was missing, probably why the old alternator got fried. So I've put in a temporary wire20180401_163607.thumb.jpg.22b12221b135c995772dfe2eeeb216dd.jpg

Also, fitted left front bumper, put the bolts down for the right one, and now can't find them aaarrghh

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Left to do Tonight:

Refit and align bonnet

Refit airdam

Fill diff oil

Check ign advance

Road test

Wof tomorrow 

Retest for fail Wednesday  (fingeys crossed there aren't any) 

Have to go to Auckland Thursday for the day 

Gnats Friday! 

If I fail, I will cry

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Hanmer time! 

Last minute! 

Found the oil leak that was covering everything in the engine bay that I thought was one of the front seals, turned out to be a bit of a design flaw on Fords part. I found that the no2 exhaust lobe is almost directly under the oil filler cap, and flicking oil up into the oil cap. Now this wouldn't usually be a problem except that the filler cap is also the fresh air intake for crankcase breathing, so it's not sealed.20180818_194658.thumb.jpg.d626d903c663e4712a44c7a7d4aa5136.jpg

So oil was soaking through the cap and being chucked around by the air from the engine fan.

Solution? I made a wee shield on the bottom of the rocker cover between the lobe and the spout. 20180818_193102.thumb.jpg.fef6eecadde5831de03bb04a92c443d4.jpg

Changed the cover seal too as it was a bit leaky and chucked it back on without getting a picture of the underside, so you'll just have to look through the hole ^.

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Flushed out the cooling system again, changed the thermostat which was opening too early when I tested it, and changed the temperature sender as well for good measure. Now the gauge goes to just under half and stays there. 

Also ran the hose through the heater core and got a bit of rusty goop from that, now I have a heater that gets warm. I'll have to pull it one day and get it rodded to really get it working properly. 

Made a false floor extension so we can sleep in the back 20180818_192846.thumb.jpg.07c2dad6d343fad4e3558b5fbddcf8b5.jpg

Which also doubles as a hole cover panel 20180818_192728.thumb.jpg.1d89c4876604ed3f00dca970108f9b26.jpg


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Also fun fact, 

Pinto exhaust valves are towards the front, and intake behind. The last guy didn't know this and set all the intakes loose, and the exhausts tight. 

Fun fact #2,

#3 exhaust adjustment is almost impossible to get to behind a Weber

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