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WDawson's - Datsun 220c

- i5oogt -

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I have been daily-ing this thing. So far done around 4000kms in it. and it has used around 5.5L of oil. It goes pretty well for a car with 415000 odd kms on the clock. Tired motor funtimes. I have a replacement SD22 motor lined up in Oamaru for $150, I just have to go and remove it from the truck its installed in.


The Starter motor gave up last friday :-( The reduction gear thing collapsed so either need that cog bit or another starter motor.


I also went up and saw a mate who wrecks 4x4s over the weekend. He has a mid 80s Navara ute with a SD23 motor sitting there. The cool thing is that has a rangi looking homemade turbo setup.


So the next major upgrade will be a TURBO !!!!

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